Posted by: portsmouthanarchists | May 11, 2010

Police Oppression – Made In Britain

Multi-stun grenades used in the recent protests in Greece are being manufactured by a locally based company.

Chemring Group PLC is alledgedly manufacturing multi-stun grenades used against protestors in the recent protests in Athens and Thessaloniki according to Athens Indymedia and Indymedia UK.

Chemring Group PLC is an international company in the global defence industry with a net profit in 2009 of £70.1 million up from £41.2 million in 2008. The current share price is £3,524.

The Chemring headquarters is based in Whitely in Fareham and is within walking distance from Swanwick station. Though from the looks of things, the grenades aren’t manufactured in Fareham and are more likely to be manufactured in their Derbyshire pyrotechnics site.

Why does this affect me you might ask!

Well, the Greeks are rioting over austerity measures bought in by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after they bailed out the Greek government.

As the Greeks are recieving job losses, pay cuts and public service cuts whilst big business is still making profits, they are rightly fighting back. This is something you should keep in mind considering that we are massively in debt and we will be seeing severe austerity measures in the UK very soon.

It could be us on the recieving end one day.

Information on this issue is limited at the moment as most of the detailed information is in Greek and I’m trying to get a translation but we’ll hopefully get back to you soon with more information.

The address for Chemring is:

Chemring House,

1500 Parkway Whiteley,



P015 7AF

Telephone: 01489 881 880

Fax: 01489 884 131

The original article can be found here:


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