Posted by: Eddie | June 28, 2010

This is a democracy?

In the Sun recently, ex-SAS soldier, Andy McNab, criticised former British and Commonwealth light middleweight boxing champion Anthony Small for protesting against the 1st Royal Anglian regiment.

Whilst I don’t think it is in any way productive to call soldiers rapists and baby killers, I think he should have every right to free speech. These soldiers are mostly from a working class background and when faced with the choice of joining the army or working on a supermarket till they chose the former. Considering the job skill training you get in the army, I can sympathise.

Anyway, this is the quote from Mr McNab:

“It’s totally out of order to compare our soldiers to Hitler’s henchmen. We live in a democracy. If he doesn’t like it he’s free to go.”

I think Andy has quite a thin grip on what democracy (or at least our poor excuse for it) is. What I think he is trying to say is this: “If he doesn’t like the decisions of elected people despite massive public oppositions to these decisions then he should shut up or fuck off as he has no right to question his betters.”

A very thin grip on the concept of democracy indeed.

The full story here:


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