Posted by: Eddie | June 29, 2010

The budget – Should we pay for their crisis?

Here’s an overview of the budget courtesy of World Socialist Website:

It seems that only £2 Billion is required of the banks from a banking levy which will no doubt be negated by the lowering corporation tax by 4%.

Well done the banks, you’ve helped out the economy again…

I’m sure this is going a long way in paying back the £850 Billion we paid to bail you out (It’s true, check it out!

So where are the savings coming from? Oh yes, from your local council. We’re talking your binmen, your street sweepers and roadworkers here aswell as council staff.

Will we see overpaid council management fired? Probably not. Will we see a drop in services? Certainly.

Couple this with VAT going up 2.5% (a tax that hits the poorest hardest) plus the slashing of benefits and the future doesn’t look too bright.

Welcome to the future. Increased poverty and joblessness is the price we pay for the banking system. But it’s OK, at least we’ve stopped the bankers from losing their Audi’s and champagne lunch breaks.

Thank you master Osbourne.


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