Posted by: Eddie | July 4, 2010

The EDO Decommissioners walk free! Smashing stuff!

The arms factory smashers are all not guilty according the courts!

For those that don’t know, in January last year 6 people broke into EDO MBM’s factory in Brighton and smashed manufacturing equipment, computers and anything they could get their hands on with hammers. These people were then arrested and now the trial has come to an end.

The result? Not guilty! This is on the basis that the factory in question was complicit in Operation Cast Lead (a horrific attack on Gaza by the Israeli state) by supplying parts for Israeli F-16s.

This is a huge victory for anti-war campaigners so well done to the decommissoners and everyone involved in the Smash EDO campaign!

Here’s a link to the Schnews article on the matter:


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