Posted by: Eddie | July 14, 2010

Children suffering from the cuts

I suppose it’s no surprise, but it seems that schools in the area are not going to be receiving their long-awaited repairs and re-builds.

If the schools in Portsmouth are anything like Brune Park in Gosport then I suppose it’s not too bad. A bit of asbestos never hurt anybody.

But there is hope. The News has kicked off a Save Our Schools campaign to help save the 3 most needy schools from the cuts. Of course, I’d rather see all of them saved and the rich taxed more to pay for it but it’s a start.

There is also a march on monday 19th this month against the school cuts which I strongly suggest you go to if you can. It starts at Portsmouth Guildhall at 5pm and ends at Portsmouth Girls School (an odd choice of end point as it’s not receiving any cuts because it’s privately funded but nevermind).

There’s supposed to be a pretty good turnout and I think this campaign deserves our full support.

Here’s the chop list:


King Richards £20.8m, Priory School £15.7m, Springfield – £17.2m, Admiral Lord Nelson – £1.8m, City Boys – £17.7m, City Girls – £23.8m, Mayfield – £14.7m, Harbour schools – £11.3m, Redwood Park – £10.8m, St Edmund’s – £23.5m, Miltoncross – £0.5m, Charter Academy – £13.4m (government says this cash is still up for discussion).


Cowplain Community, Glenwood, Horndean Technology, Park Community, Prospect, Rachel Madocks, The Hayling College, Warblington, Woodlands Centre, Purbrook Park, Crookhorn Technology, Oaklands Catholic, Quayside Education Centre, and Havant Academy (up for discussion)


Bay House, Brune Park College, Bridgemary Sports College.


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