Posted by: Eddie | July 21, 2010

Vestas – One year on

There was a re-occupation yesterday of the Vestas roundabout in the Isle of Wight to mark the anniversary of occupation of the Vestas factory there.

Last year the wind turbine blade factory closed leaving 600 unemployed. Not because there wasn’t demand for the products, but because it was easier and more cost-effective to have the plant somewhere else as British regulations and planning permission meant there was a lack of demand here.

This is a classic case of companies laying off people out of their greed, not their need and the 600 people laid off are paying the very real human cost of company profit margins.

Recent figures put unemployment on the island at 2,200 which would’ve been reduced to 1,600 if it wasn’t for the closure.

A few of us were at the factory last year along with a comrade from Brighton SolFed. We went to show our support to the campaign and handed out about 75-100 papers promoting working class self organisation from both the Solidarity Federation and the Anarchist Federation. Matey from Brighton also handed a guide to occupations to one of the main organisers as a means of practical support to the campaign.

In the end, it wasn’t a victory, but congratulations to all the workers and their supporters for fighting for their jobs. You weren’t the first to do so and you certainly won’t be the last.


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