Posted by: Eddie | July 23, 2010

Ian Tomlinson campaign looking for funds

Well unsurprisingly to us cynics out there, another murdering copper has been let off without charge.The victim was Ian Tomlinson, the murderer, Pc Simon Horwood.

Lets see him in action here:

The prick in question isn’t going to be charged for manslaughter because of two conflicting autopsy reports. Crucially, the one siding with the police was done by a forensic pathologist that is under investigation from the General Medical Council.

As for a charge of common assault, he won’t face any charges because there is a time limit for when you can prosecute someone for assault. This charge has been made impossible to implement due to the Independent (cough) Police Complaints Commission and the Crown Prosecution Service dragging their heels over a verdict of whether the case will go to trial.

I’m sure if I admitted to assaulting a copper 16 months ago it would be seen in a completely different light and I’d be right in the dock. Not that I’m suggesting that the law is biased (double cough).

In response, the Tomlinson family have decided to step up their campaign and are requesting funds that will allow them to do so. So if you can afford to donate or have the ability to put on a benefit gig or do any other fund-raising, please do.

The address for donations is here:



  1. Along with millions of other concerned citizens, I am disgusted, appalled and outraged at the decision not to prosecute PC Simon Harwood.

    Keir Starmer’s statement was riddled with errors and obvious inconsistencies. He is clearly unfit for the office of DPP and should be removed immediately.

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