Posted by: Eddie | July 24, 2010

Portsmouth Save Our Schools goes to number 10!

The Save Our Schools campaign has had another boost. Kids from Priory school went to 10 Downing street the other day, arranged by Mike Hancock MP, to hand in a petition signed by 850 people and a DVD featuring interviews from some of the school children affected.

It has transpired that not only has the withdrawal of funds stopped the building or restoration of school buildings, but made things worse as essential maintenance wasn’t carried out as the buildings were meant to be done up later on.

It has also cost Portsmouth schools and the council £3.2 million to get the failed project underway.

So good luck to all the parents and kids in PSOS, you’re doing a great job. Though my inner cynic tells me that it’s quite rare for people challenging government policy to get anywhere near number 10 and school kids being there has nothing to do with cheap publicity, eh Mike?


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