Posted by: Eddie | August 10, 2010

Strike ban proposed

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Developement (CIPD) have called for the government to bring a ban on strike action by those who carry out essential services.

No surprise there from an ’employers group’, as always showing complete contempt for the people who do all the hard work.

If someone is doing an essential service, such as essential hospital work then they’re not likely to vote for a strike as they realise the effect this would have on others wellbeing.

To me, this just sounds like an attempt to lump in other jobs as essential services as they were very vague as to what these were. Perhaps they count bin men as an essential service? Or pretty much any public sector work?

The only tool the working class have in life is to remove their labour and hold their employers to ransom. How else are we going to lift ourselves out of these shit wages and stop our bosses creaming it off of the top of our hard work?


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