Posted by: Eddie | September 7, 2010

Coalition incompetence

It seems like even the Torys are starting to question the huge cuts being bought in as Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt, claims the axing of the Building Schools for the Future scheme is being handled incompetently.

Take a look:

If Tory MPs can’t get their voices heard by the coalition government then what chance do we have?



  1. Coalition incompetence? you go that right, now the Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock has stayed away from the liberal conference after stating that coalition cuts are going to affect the poorest within our community! He also warned earlier today about the liberal democrat party turning into a dictatorship of 20 ministers. He said this just before party members voted against ‘free’ schools. Although the party voted against it at conference it doesnt matter, they are going ahead anyway.
    Looks like Mr Hancock knows the score, but what is he doing about it? My guess?….Nothing.

    • Well we all know what he’s going to do about it. He’s gonna tit up some constituents!


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