Posted by: Eddie | September 25, 2010

Give the lad a medal!

Ryan Lee, a 17 year old mechanic, yesterday fought back against Whites car clamping company.

New clmaping restrictions around Fratton Park have hit many. Employees in the industrial estate can no longer park on Anson Road with little or no warning given. Many people have now had to pay to get their cars out of the companys compound to the tune of £450! Even people who have paid the £150 on the spot fine have to pay an extra £100 as apparently the tow truck has already been called (bollocks, has it!).

But someone has decided to take action into their own hands (or direct action as anarchists call it). Parking restrictions apply on match day but the road signs hadn’t been changed to indicate this when Ryan got to work at 8am but came back to find his car clamped. Rather than whinge, he grabbed his tools and set about dismantaling the fucker! He said to The News ‘I just had it off when the clamper came back. It was a risk I had to take because I can’t afford to pay £450.’

And so he shouldn’t! Well done to him and everyone taking on the heartless clamping bastards!


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