Posted by: Rich | November 4, 2010

Raised voices in suburbia shocker

The tranquility of leafy Gull Coppice in Whiteley, Fareham was shattered on 13th November last year when macho cry baby, Mr S Scott (first name scott?) verbally laid into a female traffic warden after being asked not to park his car on the ZigZags outside Whiteley primary school, leaving the poor old dear in tears!

Commenting on the recent court case in which Scott was found guilty and fined, Councillor Arthur Mandry (public protection dept) declared “Gull Coppice is a nice affluent area, but there are some people who seem to believe they have more rights than others.” Well Mr Mandry my street is neither ‘nice’ nor ‘affluent’ but I’m not aware of a single case of this nature ever happening. Chances are Mr Scott would have been dealt with on the spot without the need of the police or the courts.

Still it’s good to know that in hard times The News can see fit to publish urgent local news like this on page 2!


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