Posted by: Eddie | November 9, 2010

BAE fined over industrial accident

BAE have been fined over health and safety concerns after a worker was seriously injured.

Martin Cox, 29, an electrician from Hayling Island, had his legs crushed by a one tonne wall and hasn’t been able to return to work full-time since.

BAE, Emcor and BS Interiors have all pleaded guilty to charges bought forward by the Health and Safety Executive.

BAE had hired contractors Emcor and BS Interiors to carry out building work at their facility at Hilsea.

The wall in question was built on the floor by the subcontractors and then the decision was made to lift the wall using seven people. The wall was lifted to waist height before they realised it was too heavy and started to lower it to the floor. Unfortunately, Martin Coxs’ legs were bent under the wall as it was lowered.

All three companies have been accused of not providing safety checks which could have prevented this accident.

It seems that cost is a bigger factor than the safety of workers when it comes to work at these companies. But these accidents are an inevitability of capitalism. Business is driven by profits and profits are determined by costs, so obviously there is a big incentive for companies to reduce costs, ie. wages, health and safety checks and equipment, etc.

Companies that try to save money on health and safety need to be taken on by the unions. As the IWW saying goes, ‘An injury to one is an injury to all’.


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