Posted by: Eddie | November 12, 2010

Students storm the Tory HQ!

Well done to everyone involved in taking over the Tory HQ and smashing it up. This has been completely unexpected and came from what was thought to be just another A to B march where you’d listen to Tony Benn at the end and go home disappointed.

This is the best bit of action against the cuts yet and if we are to have any effect on the cuts we are going to have to push forward from this. Marches are all well and good. They are a brilliant way of getting together people around a particular issue and to spread a message but what they aren’t great at is getting results!

This is where direct action comes in. A non-direct action protest movement is seen as weak by government. For a protest to work, they need to fear the consequences!

So what is the way forward? In Portsmouth, the students have got the idea. On wednesday 19th November, David Willets, the Minister for Science and Universities, will be talking at the Aspex gallery in Gunwharf Quays. The students have made a call out to have people blockade the gallery to prevent Willets from speaking. He is speaking at 9am but they are wanting people to be there for 8am. This is exactly the way forward for the campaign, we need to make it impossible to go about their business. If you can make it to this protest, then go. We can’t let the Tory bastards get away with it.

Also, there is a new website up in support of those arrested at the Tory HQ. To sign their statement of support for the occupiers, go to:

This is only the beginning!



  1. aspex was selected as the venue for the SECC conference (on Friday 19 November) because it is a social enterprise, the focus of the SECC project. As a small organisation based within a largely residential part of Gunwharf Quays we do not feel able to manage an event while a protest on the scale predicted proceeds, so the conference has been postponed.

    If students still come to demonstrate tomorrow, the team at aspex have decided to open early, at 8am and all students present will be invited in to see the two fantastic exhibitions we currently have on show, and with the presentation of their Student Union card can purchase an Americano coffee from our cafe for the discounted price of £1.

    Joanne Bushnell, Director, aspex

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