Posted by: Eddie | December 14, 2010

Police drag disabled man out of a wheelchair

Here’s the shocking footage from thursdays student demo:

And here’s the BBC interview with the man pulled from his wheelchair:

As Jody states in his interview, this is not an isolated incident. This kind of unprovoked violence is part and parcel of the role of the police in large protests.



  1. It’s this kind of thing that worried me at the PACT meeting the other night, it’s one thing to ask the police if you can hold a protest, it’s another to ask them to join in because thier jobs are under threat! This is actually a part of the cuts i agree with, sure its not much in the grand scheme, but It’s just too hipocritical to side with the filth in the anti cuts campaign whilst wanting the complete abolition of the police force as soon as possible and pretty much by any means!


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