Posted by: Eddie | December 20, 2010

Cut the coppers!

Hampshire Constabulary is considering closing down police stations due to multi-million pound cuts. Now here’s some budget cuts I can really get behind!

The police force are asking for people’s views on potential alternatives to police stations such as having offices at shopping centres.

Personally, I always thought they would be better stationed in an enclosed facility where they weren’t a threat to the rest of the community.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Marsh said that despite the cuts ‘We will continue to provide an excellent service, reduce crime, respond to emergencies and target those individuals who commit crime and prey on the vulnerable.’

That’s odd, I’m pretty sure they weren’t doing these things on a full budget in the first place. Last I heard, the police spend their time beating demonstrators, telling people there is nothing they can do about their house beingĀ burgled and harassing the homeless for daring to ask for change.



  1. this article is well written, informative, and hilarious! couldnt agree more!

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