Posted by: Rich | January 2, 2011

And the other hand taketh away…

Portsmouth News reports that (unsurprisingly) personal insolvency in the city is at an all time high and is set rise further with the raising of VAT, rise in food/fuel prices, and more lost jobs. Basically we’re all fucked. At least people can go to the Citizens Advice Bureau fo help!? Maybe not as the council have announced a 20% cut to their funding just as more and more of us will be looking to them for help.

On the other side of the coin the council has just given £25,000 of the taxpayers hard-earned to the private company Running the pyramids because they can’t keep up with their loan repayments, from a loan that is underwritten by the council, so this could be the first of many payments!

Clearly the council invested a lot in this project and does not want to see it fail, you’ve got to wonder though if the people who are paying for this agree with how their taxes are being spent, judging by the comments left on the News website I would say not! Maybe its time to say enough is enough & RECLAIM OUR WATERSLIDES!!!


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