Posted by: Rich | January 2, 2011

Happy Christmas from all at Wallmart!

I sometimes think that this blog is a bit depressing, there’s not a huge amount of good news about in Portsmouth at the moment, but in keeping with season I have found a truly heart warming story!
Despite everybody having shit for cash at the moment its good to see that Asda in Havant took £8million over the last 2 weeks!! Well Done Asda!!!

£8million that could have been put back into the local economy but is now destined for the Wallmart empire! I know they sell cheaper food than most places, much cheaper than the small independents, and stores like Asda will thrive on the fact that we have less money. When your on a budget and you have to stretch it as far as it will go, you have to go for the cheapest option. No wonder Asda is doing so well, circumstance is pushing more people through its doors! I know they provide a lot of employment though, all I ever wanted to be when i were a lad was a supermarket greeter…with one of them spangly waistcoats on!



  1. just steel yer food from them we all go there at once take wot we want to eat take extra for those that cant and need it, dont go skulking around there bins at night where the wastefull bastards chuck out perfectly good food, that they could easerly give to the people that need it. Go in the front take what yer want fill yer pockets fuck eat it some of it on yer way around i recomend from the deli counter, dont believe the bullshit excuse that they then have to hike prices to pay for shoplifting its already built into there costings. And also if yer thieve yer food in messes up the computer’s self ordering system, more hassle for them yes it does make hassle for someone to sort out and yes they do have to employ security, but those jobs wouldnt be there if no one was nicking the food catch twenty two a.could rant all day THIEVE YER FOOD FROM ANY OF THE FAT PIG SUPER STORES BUT DONT TAKE FROM YER LOCAL PRIVATE GREENGROSOR PAY HIS HIGHER PRICES CALL IT A TAX ON YER CONCIENCE !! do what yer can up the evolution !! break it all ffom within attack from every direction take no prisoners and look after you own…..

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