Posted by: Rich | January 3, 2011

“Nobody likes me but it wont stop me lying through me teeth” David Willetts yesterday

Havant MP, stuck up Tory boy, and Universities Minister David Willetts has revealed he has been sent hate mail after the Con-Dem government voted to cut university funding by 80%, passing the cost on to individual students, and therefore paving the way for education to once again be exclusively for the upper class. So his recent colourfull correspondence has come as a surprise…Why?

During the run up to the education cuts, and the subsequent protests, all eyes were on the Liberal Democrats, would they or wouldn’t they break their election promises? Did they offer a third way in this two party democracy? Of course we all now know that they are the gutless hypocrites we suspected they were and those ‘new voters’ who voted for them won’t be making the same mistake ever again. But let’s not forget this is a coalition government and the Conservatives are getting exactly what they always wanted, effectively kicking the crutches out from under the most vulnerable and telling them it’s for their own good. Private Profit will Increase in the hands of the few whilst vital services are slashed for the many. 
David Willets has shown just how out of touch he is by claiming his regressive approach to higher education “puts power in the hands of students”. Does he actually believe this? Of course he doesn’t, its spin, i.e. calling something good when it is actually bad, in the hope that those below will either be stupid enough to believe him or too tired to bother doing anything about it. I suspect Willetts has been made Universities Minister as he is from the ideal background to push the Tory ideal: Privately educated then onto Oxford – Fuck those who can’t afford it.

Willetts was apparently warned off doing public speaking and appearances by police for 2-3 weeks until things died down after anger boiled over at the protests, I don’t think this was for his safety though, it was so he could hide away and not have to answer difficult questions put to him by those he fears most, the working class. In fact he was due to give a talk at Aspex gallery on Gunwharf Quays (see the post on this blog from 12 November). It was actually the gallery that cancelled this event as Willetts was guaranteed to bring trouble to their door.

Anyone who would like to let Willets know how they feel should get involved with PACT (Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together) – see blog roll. PACT have a demonstration set for the 15th January In Pompey, and another In Willetts own constituency of Havant later in the month, Probably the 29th. A delegation of people with Havant connections from PACT are meeting with Willetts to discuss the cuts and offer alternatives. If you have anything you would like raised contact PACT as I am sure they will be happy to pass your thoughts on. It should be stressed here that PACT are in no way an anarchist group. They have our support as they are non-politcal and have organised to protect our community from the cuts.

 David Willetts can be contacted at


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