Posted by: Rich | January 7, 2011

Animal Rights, Courtroom Wrongs (yes another article about oportunist police scum)

Before I write the next article I should explain that we are a diverse group of people so collectively we do not get involved in animal rights issues as we would not be able to reach a consensus. This is not to say that some or all of us do not support the direct action taken by groups such as the one mentioned below.

A local lad, Thomas Harris, from Gosport has already been jailed for 4 years for his part in protesting against animal abuse at Huntington Life Sciences (HLS). He was convicted for a ‘terror’ campaign that threatened the workers at HLS, and also workers of companies who dealt with them. This is sticky ground for a group such as ourselves that support workers struggles. In this article I just wanted to outline the insane charges he is now facing, due to be sentenced next Thursday.

To be fair the charges for this recent case are pretty extreme – Spray painting the words ‘scum’ & ‘murderers’ on 4 branches of Barclays bank and slashing the tyres on a van!? Further, but no less serious, charges of beeping a car horn after 9pm and skateboarding on the pavement were dropped when the prosecution decided to request recess for coffee and donuts.

You would have thought that by attacking a bank (with paint remember, not bombs) the lad should be given a medal!

This seems to be a case of the Police & courts teaching the public a lesson – you are not allowed to challenge the way things are. You cannot attempt to change anything by direct action, and if you do, you end up in the slammer. Commenting on the case Detective Cuntstable Inspector Andy Robbins said “the vast majority of campaigners conduct their campaigns peacefully. However when an individual uses crime to further their cause, we will investigate and are committed to bringing the offenders to justice”. (When originally prosecuting Harris the police tried to make out he was the ‘leader’ of the group, although he clearly was not.) The reason peaceful protest is allowed and indeed encouraged by government is because they can ignore it – state authorised protest never changed anything. Our current democracy was not built on peaceful protest but on people fighting corrupt systems that no longer served their purpose.

Keep an eye out for the verdict next Thursday, If you would like to contact Thomas I’m sure you can reach him via SHAC! All prisons are despicable places and support from outside I’m sure would be much appreciated.


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