Posted by: Eddie | January 16, 2011

400 march againsts the cuts in Portsmouth

Yesterday, 400 people marched across Portsmouth in response to the savage cuts being made by the government.

The march, organised by Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together (PACT), marched from outside Portsmouth University Library and took a long route through Southsea, through Commercial Road and then onto Guildhall Square.

The march went ahead despite PACT receiving an e-mail from the council the day before the march telling them that the march wasn’t allowed due to having “trained traffic marshals”. PACT, being a democratic organisation, didn’t have time to call a meeting and discuss what should happen so the march defiantly went ahead and rightly so! As the marched past through the city, we saw posters advertising the march plastered across telephone and electrical boxes and a banner that had been taped to the front of an empty shop front.

The march was attended by the people of Portsmouth including a variety of special interest groups consisting of trade unionists, socialist groups, green party supporters, students and anarchists.

What was interesting about the march was the use of Forward Intelligence Teams used by the Police to film the protesters. This sort of intimidation tactics is part and parcel of national demonstrations in places like London but to see them at a local march was quite surprising. The team seemed to take quite a bit of interest in members of Portsmouth Anarchists and had their camera on us for quite a prolonged period. What we have done to deserve this kind of intimidation tactics is beyond us, but obviously the police seem to have some sort of problem with peaceful protest.

Overall, it was a good march was fairly successful and a good foundation for PACT to build on. The march and rally overran a bit in my opinion, though, I had come straight from work so I was quite tired and anxious to get to the pub! Well done to everyone who came, lets make the Portsmouth campaign bigger and take it further!



  1. […] worrying development is how the use of FIT teams seems to be Broadening out. On Saturday, a FIT team was present at the PACT march in Portsmouth.¬†Portsmouth has not had a single moment of trouble in any anti-cuts action. Last October, a […]

  2. talking about making the campaign bigger, what are your thoughts on taking part in the #ukuncut protests on january 30th? they have done amasing things in other towns and cities but the portsmouth scene has been pretty much quiet

  3. Yea, I think this is something we need to disscuss further at the next meeting, they filmed us for a while due to the red and black flag, It puts the fear in em! Ha ha, seriously though why the fuck were they filming the pensioners and trade unions? It has nothing to do with ‘intelligence’, it’s plain mental intimidation. We wouldnt stand for physical intimidation so whay are we allowing this to happen? I think it took us all by surprise on saturday but we need to get on the case.

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