Posted by: Rich | January 26, 2011

Havant Protest, 28th Jan 2011

Non-partisan local campaign group Portsmouth Against Cuts Together (PACT) have organised an anti cuts protest in Havant this Friday. The plan is to meet in Havant Park opposite the Meridian Centre at 4.15pm and then walk an agreed route through the town before ending up in the shopping precinct close to Tory boy David Willets MP’s work place by 5.30pm. A delegation from PACT was planning to go in and discuss the cuts with him athough I think they may be asking him to come out and take questions from the crowd.

This latest PACT action was requested by a lad who attends Havant college and got involved with the anti cuts movement through them. It seems right that Havant should host such a protest as Willetts is the face of the governments attacks on education, they dont like it on their own doorsteps (and the march passes by Willetts doorstep). The protest is supported by Unison & the teaching unions as well as the NUS…. but don’t let that put you off!

Apparently there is going to be a large student turnout despite the fact that the head of Havant College has threatened staff and students alike with disciplinaries if they attend! In doing this he has demonstrated he is completely out of touch with those who he relys upon but it sounds as though he’ll get his comeuppance in the end. Apparently the right to lobby your own MP is one of the few ‘democratic rights’ that is inshrined in law so he can expect the legal departments of the unions on his arse pretty soon. Imagine that, a head master convicted of trying to subvert democracy! You may have read that here first!… All the more reason for those students with a sense of independence to ignore the fucker and get on the streets!

Nationwide building society in Havant has stated it will close early although i suspect it’s got less to do with the threat of violence and more so the staff can get in the Parchment Makers for a few pints before friday night!

Hampshire County Council is facing a £55million funding gap over the next year, meaning many services we all rely on in the area will be cut back or vanish all together and as usual it’s the most vunerable that will suffer the most. Lets not forget whilst we all indulge in a spot of Tory bashing that it was the previous government that helped get us in this situation. This is an Anarchist Blog, We believe comunities and workers would do better to organsise themselves rather than bow to the upperclass in government or the workplace.


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