Posted by: Rich | January 29, 2011

Vodaphone Protest In Pompey This Sunday

UK Uncut has called for a day of action on January 30th as apparently that’s the day before the tax return deadline!?

A group will be meeting outside Pompey Vodaphone on commercial road at 1pm. You are asked to bring banners, noisy things and most importantly, yourself.
Below is a section from their site about why Vodaphone are targets, see everything else they got going on here:

For the last ten years Vodafone have been fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying the UK government around £6bn in tax. Court case followed court case, and eventually HM Revenue and Customs won a decisive victory. Vodafone were on the ropes and all that was needed was a couple more government knocks to finally make the communication giant pay up. But instead of forcing through the deal, the exchequer, run by George Osborne, let Vodafone off. It was one of the most shameless, blatant and costly examples of corporate-government cronyism in years. But at a time when the government are insisting upon massive cuts in public spending, the deal is particularly hard to swallow.



  1. Well, apparently this was a non event with a grand total of 2 people showing up. Portsmouth Anarchists also failed to mobilise with indviduals being either out of town, hung over, or lost thier fucking cash cards and couldn’t get the train to Pompey (guilty). Sorry about that everyone! A pretty poor show all round I think you’ll agree. Maybe the only positive we can draw from this is that the FIT team turned up with no one to intimidate, and thats an hour or so they are not harrassing someone legally demonstrating.

    Clearly we need to sort something out to organise better. One idea is a phone tree, where we can communicate without having stuff posted all over the internet, as it’s usually the case that the people who post stuff are the only ones who show up anyway. I put my name & number on an anti-fascist one once, and I do get important meet up points from a number – i dont have a clue who they are. Obviously with this we’d have to be careful about who goes on the list.

    A pre event meet up may also be a good idea, where we organise to meet before the event, away from the planned demo site, say in a pub, for a quick drink to work out numbers, phone those who aint showed up and have a quick disscussion about what’s going down. A pint may help settle those pre demo jitters too!!

    Please post any suggestions you might have. If we’re doing a phone tree it’d be better meeting in person, say at a pact meeting?? anyone?……..

  2. I agree with what you said. We definately need to organise these properly. I’ll raise it at a PACT meeting. The next one is the 21st i think.

  3. man im wounded that i only just saw this,
    i saw the stickers round town,
    and was happy to see there is actually a separate anarchist movement,
    viva freedom

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