Posted by: Rich | February 12, 2011

SOS Pompey…..(not to be confused with Pompey SOS)

Beleaguered Pompey fans have again united to defend their club from the vultures!

SOS Pompey is a fan group, by fans, for fans. Portsmouth SOS stands for ‘Save Our Schools’ and is not related, although I expect they are more than likely fans of the local side.

The last couple of home games have seen protests by fans who demand to know what is happening to their club, amid fears the club may be about to be run into the ground….again. The News yesterday ran an article about the potential takeover by a Russian multi-millionaire, I reckon the people of Portsmouth have learnt not to trust these flash bastards by now until the moneys in the bank and the balls are in the net, footballs that is!

SOS Pompey have generated a lot of interest, with an article appearing in everyone’s favourite fortnightly anarchist newspaper Freedom. I was pretty surprised to see our local side in this paper but I think it was included as an example of an organised working class fight-back against the rich who treat us, and our cities, with complete contempt.

Personally I think the club should be put under complete fan control like Wimbledon fans did a while back when the owners moved their existing club to Milton Keynes. It’s basically starting from scratch but Pompey is the kind of footy mad city that could sustain it….but then what do I know…. I’m just an anarchist.



  1. It’s funny – yet it makes a lot of sense – how easy it is for the left wing and the right wing to agree with each other as soon as it comes to actually fixing something instead of being grumpy. I’m not an anarchist and I’m definitely not right wing and from this position it’s really easy to notice how it’s all about the rich getting richer and nothing else.

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