Posted by: Eddie | February 16, 2011

Stay for one day

As advertised further down in the blog, there will be a huge march against the cuts on March 26 in London. In addition to this, a group calling themselves Resist 26 have proposed to occupy Hyde Park and create a tent city as a base for actions against targets in the area.

The website for the occupation is here:

This is a great way to turn the usual A-B march into something much more. It is an act of open defiance which undermines the government’s authority and is a confidence builder for both bigger acts of civil disobedience in the future and smaller local actions across the country.

With more than a month to go before the march, the idea is spreading with other 1000 facebookers saying they’re going to attend already. Though Facebook isn’t a great indicator of turn out, it’s still early days yet and the idea is spreading fast.

Click here for the facebook group:


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