Posted by: portsmouthanarchists | March 5, 2011

Stay 4 1 Day

As the  March 26th London protest approaches, and anticipation builds, it looks like the Stay 4 1 Day sleepover in Hyde park could be just the ticket to enhance the weary union marches from A to B that tend to get ignored by the press.

Despite the fact that I can’t get that fucking East 17 song ‘Stay another day’ out of my head, we thought it might be quite a snazzy idea to get all those activists from Pompey who are interested in camping out, to get together & sort out some kind of plan….yes this is organised anarchism!

We propose to meet on Monday night (7th March), at around 8.30-9.00pm in the Fawcett Inn, Fawcett Road for beer and discussion, to organise together, rather than in our own smaller group factions!

Please post back if you would prefer a different time or date…or venue but the Fawcett has a big table and it’s always really quiet so we should be able to hear ourselves think.

Hopefully see you there!


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