Posted by: Rich | March 6, 2011

Hey Joe, where d’you think your going, with that Census in your hand..

The PACT gig on Thursday was a good old knees up – it turned out to be a great opportunity for the various active groups in Pompey to meet up and have a chat, in a situation other than round a table at a meeting.

The anarchist stall attracted a buzz by the end of the night after people had got a few pints down their necks and we were the last stall to leave at closing time – dedication’s what you need! (in the words of the late Roy Castle!)

I was talking to a lad at one point in the evening who expressed his concerns about completing the 2011 census..or not completing it. So I thought I’d share my inside knowledge on here!

Back in 2001 as a dumb kid, I’m embarrassed to say that I took a temp Job as Census enumerator! I had to go door to door in my area and give people their forms to complete & then go back and collect them a few weeks later. Obviously some people didn’t want to complete it and saw it as an attempt by the government to spy on them whilst pretending to care (the old ‘we use the info to workout how to invest in the community’ line!)

If they did object I was supposed to tell them that it was the law, and they had to fill the form out. After the first lady told me to fuck off and slammed the door in my face I didn’t bother saying it again and just didn’t bother going back to collect it.

Here’s the point, if you don’t want to complete it, don’t! Thousands of people, probably hundreds of thousands of people don’t complete it and nothing happens. It’s all empty threats. I would suggest losing it or claiming to have posted it back if anyone asks but to be fair the people working on it don’t give a shit if you comply or not, unless you’re unlucky enough to live in an area with a jobsworth enumerator doing the rounds as he was too fat for the police force!

On a more cynical level, but worryingly true, if the state/police want info on you they will get it by any means, so the census shouldnt really worry activists other than for the principal of it. If you don’t complete it though, your ancestors will never know what a pathetic life you endured when they do a family tree in a hundred years time!


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