Posted by: Eddie | March 12, 2011

Organising for the Pompey Bloc!

Some of you may remember from last week that we tried to organise a meeting to prepare for the TUC march on the 26th. For a number of reasons, people didn’t turn up. Firstly, due to moving house recently I was without internet for longer than I anticipated and wasn’t able to advertise the meeting. This left it to Rich to do it at the last minute which didn’t give him much time to advertise and didn’t give people much notice. Secondly, the proposed date of the meeting clashed with a meeting of the local anti-cuts coalition, PACT.


So what next? We try again!

We are meeting at the Fawcett Inn on Fawcett Road on thursday 17th at 8:30 to swap numbers and decide on a plan for the march. Do we meet up on the march or just at Hyde Park for the 24 hour occupation? Do we occupy Hyde Park at all? Do we start from one of the many feeder marches? These are questions that need to be discussed. It is important to note that we are aren’t just appealing to anarchists to go to this meeting but are appealing to the wider community to come together to fight the age of austerity that is being forced upon us.

We have  facebook event here:

So spread the word and we’ll see you there.



  1. eddie, i missed your sensible words! welcome back!

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