Posted by: Rich | March 15, 2011

Portsmouth Anarchists Get Nerdy!…

In the dark days of government cut backs, huge tuition fees and closing librarys, I am pleased to announce that the intellectual fight-back has reached Portsmouth!

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado it gives me great pleasure to introduce for your learning pleasure…..The Portsmouth Radical Library!!

I know what you’re thinking….’A new radical library in Portsmouth?’   Why has this not been on the news? Where is the funding coming from? Can I have a job? 

OK, so I’m exaggerating, alot. Infact, disregard everything you just read! What we have decided to do is pool our resources into a booklist of radical (or at least progressive) titles that we own as indiviuals,and are happy to lend out, the list may eventually end up on here but for the time being it will be available at our meetings so we dont just lose everything!

At the moment the list has 67 quality titles from authors as recent as Chomsky & Pilger to classics from Goldman & Berkman. There are a few graphic novels (comics to you and me) and 5 Vegan cookbooks for the hippies amongst us!!

If you’re interested in joining our little swap shop come along and say hello, and if you’ve got any books you dont mind lending, note them down and we can add them to the list! 

‘Property is Theft!’ declared Proudhorn….although we dont have that book yet….and the quote doesnt really work in this case….



  1. this is a rad idea,
    saturday should be a good day @viva freedom@

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