Posted by: Rich | April 2, 2011

Response to media bullshit on 26/03/11

Hope everyone had fun last weekend in the bigsmoke! We had a good day of it, although the camping out in Hyde Park was more of a ‘sleeping rough with a few nutters’ than ‘mass occupation’. I think the events in Trafalgar put people off walking back up to the park, and jumping the fence at 2am was the last thing we needed after long day! Hopefully a full report will be on here soon, I havent done it yet as have been sorting a leaflet out this week. Unfortuanatley I’m too much of a luddite to put the leaflet on here, so here is the text from the back of it to try and counter the media bullshit:     

The TUC march on the 26th was a chance for all groups opposed to government cuts, which have hit the poorest the hardest, to unite and show their defiance. The papers and TV focused reports on the violence of a ‘couple of hundred trouble makers’, or ‘a breakaway group of anarchists’. Although the media like to make things appear black and white it is not that simple; there were also many anarchists on the main march, with black and red flags dotted about the crowd in Hyde Park, listening to the speeches at the rally. One of the world’s leading academics Noam Chomsky is an anarchist; would he have been involved in the violence? As free thinking individuals it is each person’s prerogative to decide where they fit into the struggle – many anarchists are non violent. Social progress usually comes about with a mix of direct action and diplomacy.

 The Daily Mirror reported that people on the main march shouted ‘Shame on you’ to a few extremists attacking the property of tax dodging shops and banks – a double lie! Firstly, the anarchist ‘mob’ was disciplined in its action, and steered well clear of the family friendly march. Secondly, although it was only a few who smashed through the windows of selected targets, there were thousands of people cheering them on – the ‘Shame on you’ chant was directed at riot police who charged at the bystanders (myself included).

The mindless thuggery on the day came from the police; the anarchists attacked private property, the police attacked peaceful bystanders, culminating in clearing Trafalgar Square of its party atmosphere with brutal force. I watched them attack a lad sat on the floor playing his guitar when he refused on principle to move. This kind of thing was happening all over the Square.

 After the media storm following the 26th the government and police are attempting to crack down further on civil liberties and protest. Luckily, resistance to the state machinery is growing. We have to keep the pressure on, organise and stick together. Bad things happen when good folks do nothing.


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