Posted by: Eddie | April 10, 2011

Mayday comes to Portsmouth

As the government proposes to ban the Mayday bank holiday, plans for marches are popping up all across the country and Portsmouth is no exception.

A march has been called by Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together (PACT) for Sunday 1st of May to celebrate International Workers Day which highlights the cuts as a class issue, making us pay for a crisis not of our creation.

The march is to assemble at 12:30 in Victoria park by the workers memorial and make its way through Portsea and the Hard to Southsea Common, so bring the beers as it’s a great place to drink in the sun.

Portsmouth Anarchists are calling for anarchists from all across Hampshire and beyond to come to the march and to assemble on the common for a meeting in the hope of creating a Hampshire wide network of anarchists to organise against the cuts and also to figure out where we go from here. So follow the red and black flags!



  1. How do I get more involved? I not long moved down here and was part of the Derby anarchy/social awareness scene

  2. Hi Rich, My names Rich too! And I’m from Derby!..i’ve also only been down this way a couple o’ years (with a 10 year break elsewhere). You can get as involved as you like and in whatever way you are comfortable with! We are still a small group so every little helps (as the supermarkets say!). I’ve seen you in a group on facebook so I’ll get in touch! You can either come along for a few drinks on the second and last thursday of each month, or just turn up on mayday and look for a group of misfits with a black & Red flag!

  3. Will do my best to get down there for MayDay. Currently tied up in a load of Easter University work. No month long break for me! Still going to the library most days.
    Nice to hear a reply so quickly. Good to see you’re on the ball and things are moving well with the ANarchist scene in Portsmouth. Are there any other sites/communities I could chat with that you know of? Got some good input and things to chat about 🙂

    • There’s not alot about to be in Hampshire to be honest. I know Class War had a local group in Winchester but I’m not sure if they’re active. They released a paper called Bastard Monthly a few months ago but not seen anything else from them since. Other than that, the Anarchist Federation has a Surrey/Hants group and have a few members in Southampton as far as I’m aware. They’re probably your best bets.

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