Posted by: Rich | April 25, 2011

Ugly Protest Turns In Brighton

Yesterday saw the ‘in no way racist’ March for England annual flab parade in Brighton. There’s a good write-up of it already here:

The police seem again to have only arrested anti-fascist protesters. As reported in the Argus today “A 21-year-old man from Fareham, Hampshire, was arrested on suspicion of using offensive language in a public place.”

A heinous crime I’m sure you’ll agree, even more laughable as apparently the arresting officer swore during the arrest! Still it’s good to see a local lad committed to defending his community against the divisive racists elements.

The arresting officer, a Saun Macdonald (apparently a well-known bell-end around East Sussex), also assaulted the Fareham man who has the evidence to prove it! His camera was also seized by the pigs who are a very self conscious bunch when it comes to the camera being turned on them.

Hopefully the people of Brighton can now get on with the rest of their bank holiday in peace now the fatlads have all been bussed home again.

….And best regards to our apparently potty mouthed comrade, hope you feel better soon mate, and good luck in any action you decide to take against  PC Ronald Macdonald!


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