Posted by: Rich | May 3, 2011

Portsmouth Celebrates Mayday

Here’s my own perspective of this year’s Mayday:

Sunday saw about 200 Pompey residents come out to celebrate International Workers Day in the best possible way; with a protest march followed by a picnic!

The march set off from the workers memorial in Victoria Park, passed the docks, ‘yuppie town’ AKA Gunwharf & ended up on the common. There was a load of support from passersby and those tooting car horns. The picnic was a really good idea, it provided a chance for a bit of lefty networking, but more importantly a chance to kick back on the common, see friends, and enjoy some wholesome recreation – that’s what Mayday’s all about! Also the speeches I thought were much better this time, short and to the point so they didn’t get too boring, and from a diverse range of groups, from anti-fascist to pensioners association to a Sure Start user. This was definitely preferable to the times I’ve spent the 1st of May running around London, but maybe I’m just getting old!

After the PACT people gradually drifted home we cracked out the beers and had a good old get together with friends we don’t see enough of, the end of the night is pretty hazy and I guess you’d have to have been there to be in the slightest bit interested!

Another positive we took from the day was the English Defence League got to show everyone what a pathetic, anti-working class organisation they truly are! After making threats to ‘smash u in’ on our little-used facebook group, a couple of them turned up to the march, and quickly left again. I’m guessing that their celebrated ignorance stopped them from doing their homework about the numbers attending. Also maybe they don’t realise anarchists don’t all wear masks in public, and are normal working class people! We did spot one of their fat dadchavs, who is actually out of his teens, on the phone; He was a bit confused but in the spirit of mayday and due to the fact that unlike the EDL we stand for peace, we didn’t bother with him & he slipped back under the rock he’d crawled out from. The EDL could have cut their losses here and just accepted that they look dumb on-line, but oh-no, they sent 2 kids down to the common to stand a good 200 meters away in silence holding a union jack! No one really knew what they were doing and much hilarity ensued as people pointed and laughed, and even felt sorry for the two brainwashed pre-pubescent morons!

So now we know a few faces in their group (they have since changed their facebook group to private but don’t worry, it’s infiltrated to the teeth). They are also holding their Nuremberg rally in Pompey in July. Plenty of time to organise against the NEO-NAZI scum.

I’m always slagging of Plod on here but I have to admit they had a very small, soft touch thing going on last Sunday, Not a FIT team to be seen. It seemed to work OK, Maybe they’ve been reading!   

So a sweet day all round, but a bit of criticism is always healthy; A call out to other anarchists in Hampshire to join in the celebration seems to have fallen on closed ears. I’m hoping it’s more to do with the fact there were events in Brighton and London and not the fact that people think Pompey is a lost cause – Sunday showed it’s not!


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