Posted by: Rich | June 18, 2011

Class Traitors – Portsmouth EDL To ‘Protest’ In City

Most people will now be aware that the islamic english extremist far right group EDL are planning a march and rally in Portsmouth on July 16th. What has really upset most normal people is the fact that they plan to visit the war memorial in the guildhall – to the right of the cenotaph is the WWII memorial, erected to remember those who died fighting fascism.

They claim to be against Islamic extremism & Sharia law – who isn’t? You don’t need to protest it, everyone already agrees! EDL use a handful of Islamic mentalists to target all other peaceful Muslims. A good example of this is when they turned up outside the mosque last November, they threw missiles, chanted racist abuse, and generally drew condemnation from all corners of the political and social spectrum. They claimed to be protesting against the ‘Muslims Against the Crusades’ group in London but they clearly make no distinction between the normal 99.9% of normal Muslims and the 0.1% of brainwashed pricks. This my friends is because they are RACISTS. If there was the slightest chance we were going to live under a religious (or more religious) law than we have already I would be the first to protest, but never in a billion years is that going to happen, they just use it as a tactic to scare people who are too stupid to think for themselves.

If you’ve been reading the Portsmouth News internet site recently you will have noticed the comments on the articles seem unreasonably right-wing and bigoted.. It’s because every story that offends the delicate souls (such as the recent naked bike ride for charity) is posted on the Pompey EDL Facebook site and they are all ordered to get writing. Get a fucking life eh lads?!

One of the counter terrorism coppers John Larkin said last year that the EDL actually fuel Islamic extremism, weird to agree with the cops but we’ve been saying it since they emerged: The EDL and Al Qaeda are two sides of the same coin, they seek to enter peaceful communities, stir up hatred and push the cultures further apart. What both sides want is a race war. I suppose on the positive side there are only a few Islamic extremists in the country, the EDL has hundreds but they are too dumb to do anything covertly. ‘No Fucking Surrender Ever’ goes the EDL slogan, but it would wouldn’t it? they don’t want either side to surrender as they are working towards the same end. Wankers.

So on 16th of July they will parade through Portsmouth, hiding behind the St George flag & waving banners that say ‘support our troops’ in an attempt to try to deflect any criticism from ordinary citizens. They were co-operating with the police and council to make their demonstration seem more reasonable, but following the arrest (again) of their national leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who subsequently gave the order not to co-operate with police, they are now going to hold an unauthorised ‘flash’ march and protest. The Fuhrer issued his instruction from up high and sure enough they obediently followed.

Although Portsmouth is a pretty conservative city, it aint stupid. People are genuinely concerned about the EDL bringing violence to our streets. A Portsmouth EDL member was recently spotted on facebook complaining that Albert road is unrecognisable, presumably because it’s not 100%  white folks there – I’m sure the thousands of revellers who turn out to ‘Love Albert Road’ day every year would disagree with that. Another one of their supporters has just escaped jail on a technicality following his actions at the mosque protest last year, how much more evidence do we need that this group needs to be snuffed out?

I’ve got to admit that I was a bit taken aback when I saw the EDL had loads of followers on Facebook but scratch the surface and you will see that they are not local, its made up of a hard-core that travel the country each weekend as they have got nothing else in their pathetic lives.

Portsmouth looks ripe to oppose these fascists with everything it has! I’m not going to give the game away on here but various groups are organising against the EDL & solidarity is strengthening. Keep all ears to the ground and most importantly  get out of the house and down to Guildhall Walk before 1pm on July 16th. The fightback starts here!



  1. Just a side note, I’m not going to publish any EDL abusive comments on this article, They can smear thier filth on thier own page. I have niether the time or the need to argue with some fascist creep on-line, especially as they cannot counter any points we raise. Pointless pleople. We’ll see you on the 16th.

  2. We will oppose them in numbers. They dont actually have that many followers, just likes on facebook.

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