Posted by: Eddie | June 22, 2011

J30, the working class strikes back!

In response to the harsh cuts aimed at working people, a national coordinated strike action has been planned for the 30th June.

The numbers involved are huge. An estimated 750,000 public sector workers are going to be on strike in the biggest threat to the governments spending cuts so far. The attacks on jobs and living conditions are shocking considering that £120 million in tax is evaded or uncollected each year (the vast majority of it evaded by corporations and the super-rich).

It’s all well and good to have a black block as the threat of rebellion puts pressure on the government and reminds them that they can’t just ruin peoples lives unhindered. But what really reminds the ruling class of who makes their wealth and power possible is mass strike action.

Without the working class to do the hard work of actually making the country run, the politicians and ruling classes are powerless and irrelevant.

The unions are calling for an end to the cuts, this is not enough. If we had real democracy in this country there wouldn’t be any need to go on strike. We allow corrupt millionaires to make decisions for us, how is this democracy? As anarchists, we don’t want to elect leaders to make decisions for us, we want democracy. We want decisions to be made at mass public meetings of the people and put into practice by delegates that are elected and accountable!

We support strike action because it empowers working class people to take on our rulers and gives a glimpse into a future where we can control our own lives.

In Portsmouth a rally is to be held in Guildhall Square at 12 on June 30th for all striking workers and those who support the strike. If you can make it, then I strongly suggest you go and show your support.

Here are some suggestions from the Anarchist Federation on how you can support the strike:

• Strengthening the strike pickets as much as possible. Everyone should support these by going to their nearest picket. This means not just workers in that sector but everyone who is affected by the cuts- other workers, school students, FE and HE students, pensioners, the unemployed
• Refusing to cross picket lines
• Joining the strike even if you are not a paid up member of a union
• Organising meetings in the workplaces in the run up to June 30th to get maximum support for the strike
• School students and further education students ( where they are still at school because many terms will be ending) should turn out to support teachers and lecturers and organise their own actions
• Most university students will have finished their academic year. However, where possible they should support the strike pickets and demonstrations where they can
• The widest possible solidarity has to be reached between teaching staff and support staff. In all sectors, whether education, the civil service or transport the greatest involvement of those not “officially” on strike
• Encourage those who feel they cannot take part in supporting the strike including workers in other sectors to phone in sick on the day
• On June 30th delegations from picket lines to visit other workplaces to encourage solidarity action. The organisation of local marches and assemblies where possible

This saturday there is also a Hampshire-wide demonstration against the cuts in Winchester. The march is assembling at Oram’s Arbour, Clifton Road at noon. Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together (PACT) are organising a free coach on the day so contact them for details.

Time to show them that we won’t be trodden on, give ’em hell!



  1. Some of us don’t have jobs. Some of us had to train for two years just to get minimum wage. The teachers are being unbelievably selfish, in my opinion. It’s an easy job, stop pretending it isn’t. Teachers get paid way too much for what they do. I have never borrowed any money. The interest on my account is 0.001%. The poor are being punished because the middle classes and upper working classes buy houses they can’t afford. I am laughing at all the rich people worrying that their kids won’t have designer gear any more. You people know nothing of hardship. Grow up and do your jobs.

    • The teachers have only got the pay and pensions they’ve got because they’ve fought hard for it, I don’t think they should be blamed for the poor unionisation in the private sector. The poor are being punished because they’re an easy target and the government don’t want to take on their Eton chums, the bankers.

      And we know nothing of hardship? I also did two years of training in college only to end up in shit supermarket job for 4 years. I had to work 7 days a week for long periods of time to get the job I’m in today. The job market is tough, but I’m not going to lay into teachers about it. What’s it got to do with them? Why should they pay for the banks gambling our money away when they’re still getting huge bonuses and tax evasion is hitting the £120 billion mark each year?

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