Posted by: Rich | July 15, 2011

Filth on the streets (and not a bin man strike in sight)

As you will all know the super paraniod portsmouth race hate division of EDL are planning to walk a short distance today before getting loose at the football. In better news the rozzers have told them a wreath laying at the war memorial is not going to happen. Fears that the tremmors caused by thousands of working class WWII soldiers spinning in thier graves due to the facsists ignorance have caused the council to fence off the memorial, to the relief of local people, especailly those still in living memory.

As all decent human beings are against this tide of human filth spreading across the streets you will be pleased to hear there is an alternative!

A counter Demo Is planned to start at 12 noon in the guildhall. Be wary, as the ‘not racist, not violent’ edl are waiting at train stations and have made various veiled threats to anyone who disagrees with them. Dont worry about these cowards, they are nothing but playground bullys who cant grow up. …they think thats cool!

We’re gonna have a meet up point if you want to walk down with us, get to town around 10.30 and give the anti-fascist hotline a call on 07864657295. there will be a voicemail instruction for further details. Wer’re going to have to be carefull as the ‘not racist, not violent’ edl seem to love us…..big love!

See you at guildhall if not before, we’ll asses numbers there and see whats up. The dregs march at 12.30 from viccy park.

till later!

p.s. If you would like to call EDL organiser, wacko ‘jacko’ about EDL parking on edinburgh road you can reach him tomorrow all day tommorrow  on 07758709248.


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