Posted by: Rich | September 10, 2011

News from the past week…

3.6% of Portsmouth EDL members travel to London last Saturday…

Don’t want to write too much about the EDL fiasco in London last week as it’s all over the net, but in short it was a non event. They wanted to get 10,000 on the streets, they got 1000. They were going to march into Tower Hamlets, they stood outside it. Tommy Robinson has since been arrested and has gone on hunger strike – No Fucking Sandwiches Ever! How they can claim it was a success is just some indication of the brainwashed delusion of the EDL followers. Even the unions managed to get 500,000 out on March 26th, so even if you believe the inflated EDL figure of 2000 attendees, for a national movement it’s a fucking terrible turn out. It’s a shame they didn’t get into Tower Hamlets, where they would have been outnumbered 2-1 by the local community and various anti fascist groups waiting to say hello.

The Portsmouth EDL are claiming a whole 30 of their 491 facebook friends went, pathetic in itself but a couple of leftys who watched them get on the train said there was only 18. Sucks to be them. This is why their regional demos look big, it’s just the same crowd of extremists from each city with nothing better to do on a Saturday. One brave bus from either Nottingham or Bolton waited until Tower Hamlets had returned to normal and the counter protest had gone home, and then decided to drive up Whitechapel High Street, the only ones who made it to where they said they would be, this is what happened to them. oh dear….

I’ve heard rumours that they are planning to get revenge for this at an upcoming Manchester demo? Don’t know if it’s true, or what the people of Manchester have done to deserve this threat. I’m sure they will get a similar welcome anyway.

Ich Bin Ein Naughty Boy

Back to more local news, and unfortunately it’s EDL related again. The local rag ‘The News’ has reported that Jake Hyland, a lad from Fareham is due at Pompey Crown Court for harassing a muslim fella over the phone, what a fucking douche. Here’s the article:

What the News fails to point out, or perhaps doesn’t realise is that Jake is one of the more extreme fascist members of Pompey EDL and the hilariously entitled ‘Pompey EDL Youth Division’.  He has even been on this blog under the name ‘pompeyagainstanarchists’ arguing that the EDL are not racist.  His actions don’t really support his words. I’m obviously not a fan of the ‘justice’ system and definitely not prison, but it’s hard to feel any empathy for this little shit. Lets hope he wakes up and sorts his life out before it’s too late.

Bristol Calling… 

Sad times for the  Portsmouth Anarchists as our good friend Andy is relocating to Bristol. He’s been an awesome comrade since he joined in just over a year ago, getting involved in protest & doing all our arty stuff from banners to stickers, he’s also the only guy I know who has snapped a guys arm clean in half….and thats what he does to his friends!  We wish Andy all the best for the future, Bristol is gaining one good dude.  Andy ‘the friendly bear’ you will be missed,  but I’m sure we’ll definitely work together in the future! Good luck!

Pompey FC Flies the Flag

Portsmouth FC has just revealed it’s 3rd strip and we are pleased to announce it’s clearly an anarcho syndicalist influenced design in Black & Red! Fuckin get in!! I might even shell out £40 for one….or maybe I wont.

9th November remembrance

Sorry, 11th September remembrance…. bloody American calendars! Just a heads up to say that the tiny extremist group ‘Muslims Against the Crusades’ (MAC) and their bigger sister organisation the ‘English Defence League’ will be holding demonstrations in London on the 10th anniversary of the Twin Towers massacre in a desperate attempt to exploit peoples grief for their own political ends. Last time the pricks of MAC pulled a stunt like this in London, Pompey EDL used it as an excuse to have a go at local muslims who are in no way connected to MAC. Exactly what the MAC boys want –  normal muslim folk to be pushed out of the community and into extremism by a gang of rabid skinheads. Hopefully the two groups will kill each other in London, while the rest of the world remembers the innocent people who died that day. On the plus side last weekend showed the movement of people opposed to both religious extremism and nationalist extremism is finally getting its shit together and willing to travel.



  1. cheers for the mention lads 😉 lots of love from chubzy!

    • say waaaaaaaaaat! do you check this page everyday? you must be the most comitted anarchist in the area!

  2. hey, i just like to know whats going down lads 🙂

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