Posted by: Rich | October 17, 2011

Recent Stuff

Due to being fucking bizzzzay of late there aint been much going on here, but anyway here’s a brief round up of whats gone on and what’s coming up!

Localise the strike!

Local groups are continuing to organise against the governments austerity plans. The other week there was an open meeting at the central library in Guildhall Square, the highlight of which was a Greek lady who told everyone there about the recent history of her country, how it got so fucked up,  and what the people are doing to fight back. Interestingly (and I’m not sure that everyone there took the point to heart) she blamed the current conservative government but ALSO the previous socialist government. Putting the blame at the door of leaders from both sides of the political divide. I took that as a condemnation of all political types, but hey, I’m just an anarchist! At the meeting there was also talk of gearing up for the Strike of November 30th (N30). This is looking like a biggy and needs some decent local agitation, hopfully Solfed will be setting an example of  anarcho-syndicalist organisation,  but we’ll save that for closer to the day when we know what the shit is happening.

Activism 101

Students in Portsmouth have been staying active as always – there is a protest coming up in their campaign to save the Arts/Media/Design departments from cuts. I don’t know enough about it to comment so if anyone wants to post the details as to what is happening with these cuts please feel free. It sounds to me as if the University is cutting it’s creative programs in a bid to appear more stale.  Also they have just held a screening of Just Do it ( Donations at the door were used to pay for the screening. Fucking gutted I couldnt make it, it’s social events like this we don’t see enough of, but well done to those who put it on, more of the same please!!

Arise Sir Antifascist of Networking..

A couple of weeks back a small delegation from Portsmouth went to a top secret meeting of antifascists from all over the south of England and Wales….and so the sacred order of  The Antifascist Network was born! Obviously I won’t say too much about it on here at this stage but I’ll be in touch with local activists soon with details of how to subscribe to the e-mail list to get your networking ON! Rad! A few of us from the network went up to London the other week for the EDL ‘Angels’ protest thing but it was such a joke it’s really not worth mentioning. There’s a write up of it on Malatesta’s antifascist blog if your interested (see the blog roll at the side).

Bookworms Unite!

Also this Saturday is the London Anarchist bookfair, THE event of the year! Last year was awesome, if you’ve never been it’s not about looking at books, there is loads going on & anyone with the slightest interest in anarchism should go down and see whats up! Hopefully see ya there!


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