Posted by: Rich | March 6, 2012

Putting the Willets up Workfare

I will update the blog, I will update the blog, I will update the blog….

So yea, it’s been a long time since this has been updated, but fear not, we are still active and have met some really decent people in the last few months who we look forward to working with in the future! Thanks for bearing with us as we try to re-jig things a bit around here, we will endevour to reply to e-mails and comments that have not been answered for a while.

So shit loads of stuff has happened since the last post way back in November, I’m not going to bother recalling it, here’s what went down last week!…

David ‘I hate women and all you fucking poor people’ Willets the Havant MP, and millionaire toff prick responsibe for £9000 a year student fees, was speaking at the Pyramids centre last Friday evening. I think this was an event organised by conservative students at Portsmouth University, who obviously all want to be like Dave ‘fighting the class war from above’ Willets when they grow up. Unluckily for the little lord Fauntleroy’s  the lefty students organised a welcoming committe for Mr Willetts, who apparently wore a beret and an overcoat in an attempt to blend in with the Proles. He did manage to get in and speak but only after he ran a gauntlet of heckles as he tried to sneak in through the back door….fucking rock stars eh? Reports that he retired to a pony riding society co-ed gang bang are unsubstantiated.

A Conservative Student, yesterday.

Saturday saw the local leftside hit the streets of Pompey to protest and leaflet against the governments slave labour Workfare program (as part of a national day of action). We are pleased to report that anarchists were in attendance (the first time in years that anarchists have leafleted on the streets of Portsmouth) and it seemed to go down really well. Not suprisingly the workfare program is unpopular amongst pretty much everyone. How is supplying big business with free labour at the tax payers expense, whilst taking a real job off the market supposed to help anyone apart from big business??

The only downside from the morning is that we ran out of Anarchist leaflets really quickly, so we left the swappies to it and went for a few pints. Another positive is that we were joined by a member from Surrey and Hants Afed, so another opportunity for some good old fashioned mutual aid presents itself!

For more info on workfare see:

For even more info on workfare actions in Portsmouth and further afield, from an anarcho-syndicalist perspective see our chums at SOLFED by clicking the logo below: 

Stay cheesy Portsmouth!


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