Posted by: Rich | March 31, 2012

Holland and Barrett – not so ethical

Well it seems like a day of action against workfare is happening in the UK today to support the International Workers Association worldwide call out! Good shit!

The target for today is looking likley to be Holland and Barrett. They pride themselves on their ethics, whilst selling herbal remedies to vunerable old people in the hope it may prelong their life – and ‘body building’ supplements for muscle marys who dont want to put the time in down the gym!

H&B have really taken to the governments slave labour workfare scheme, with now approximately 25% of staff only being paid thier benifits. So just to re-cap, the tax payers pay the ‘wages’, the company pays nothing, the worker is exploited, and conditions for all employees are pushed down, why pay someone when you can get it for free right?

Here is a leaflet some of us will be using today:


As it is not the workers in these shops we are targeting, it’s a good idea to go in first and explain to them that you are not picketing them, you are supporting them, and reassure them there is no need to feel intimidated, maybe even give them some literature, their day will probably be easier if you manage to stop people shopping there! Todays actions will be followed by a communication blockade, so write & call H&B head office to tell em what you think!

As far as i’m aware Portsmouth H&B branch will be getting away with it today, as we are off elsewhere. Never say never though!


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