Posted by: Rich | April 6, 2012

March For Everyone!

Our good friends at Brighton Anti-Fascists (The best looking Anti-Fascist group around), have called for some support when the racist lard lads of ‘March For England’ (Fluffy EDL) roll into town on the 22nd April for thier annual ‘I’m so desperate for attention I’ll walk down the road trying to upset as many people as possible’ march. No doubt our local numbskulls will be going over for it  so do your bit for Portsmouth and drown out the pricks who give us a’ll bad name! Here’s the Info straight outta Brighton:

Oppose the March for England

Brighton 12 noon Sunday 22 April 2012
March for what?
March for England is not an innocent celebration of traditional culture. It is a right wing racist group that helped found the English Defence League (EDL). The March for England has come to Brighton on at least three successive occasions. Their racist and fascist politics have become clearer with every visit. EDL flags have been unfurled. EDL slogans shouted out.  Marchers abuse people who do not look English and attack those that oppose their intolerance and aggression.
Why do they come here?
March for England organisers regard Brighton as a site of ‘anti-English activities’. The alternative and inclusive culture of Brighton and Hove, of which many of us feel justly proud, is vilified in their publicity and as they strut through our streets.
A new fascism
March for England is example of the spread of a new fascism that is virulently Islamophobic and has demonstrated a hatred for immigrant communities as well as collective organisations, such as trade unions and the Occupy movement, which represent the rights of workers or marginalised people.
Oppose the March for England
We are calling on people to line the route of March for England and drown out their message of hate: shout, whistle, harangue, mock, disrupt…
lets have a lovely day out opposing the nonsense!


  1. you want to oppose a st georges day parade? just as i was starting to like you guys 🙂 you anarchists are all the same, anti-English, anti-White scumbags.

    • Hi Jakey! It’s been a while! how are you? I’m anti-myself!?! A St Georges Day parade would be fine, in fact in previous years we have stayed away from this event for that exact reason. Last year, when we heard it was going to be protested, we thought it was the UAF getting over exited and had a smug little giggle to ourselves. Unfortuanatley however, they turned out to be spot on. According to our pals in Brighton the EDL flags were straight out and the racist/anti left abuse was flowing – thats not a st georges day parade, it’s a march of drunk morons trying to upset the locals…and while I may be a scumbag I most certinatley am not anti-English or anti-white, that wouldnt fit in with our ideas on equality and class war! x

  2. there was no edl comments there was women and children there to,and just because people shout abuse at people who don,t look english does,nt make the scum uaf policemen,they shouted at nobody even the police say this.

  3. Andrew Chapman – if you want to ‘defend’ the English culture, try learning the fucking language first, I can’t even tell what you’re trying to say!

  4. Mr Chapman you seem to be suffering from ‘Fashlexia’ try gargling with boiling sulphuric acid, that should fix it.

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