Posted by: Rich | April 21, 2012

Brighton 22/04/12

Looks like it’s going to be a good ol’ hootenanny hoedown in the B’town tomorrow, after self appointed EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon mentioned on air to BBC Radio Sussex that the EDL will be attending. Surley this is going to have upset the MFE organisers (apparently from Portsmouth themselves) who continue to push the lie that this is nothing more that family based St Georges Day parade. It’s also going to upset the people who had been fooled into thinking it was all just a bit of patriotic fun, think the cats out of the bag now eh boys?

Here’s some handy hints for tomorrow;

For those traveling up from Portsmouth area, It’s worth noting that the trains are fucked up this weekend and you may find yourself on a bus replacement that takes 3 hours to get you into Brighton, and another that will take you 3 hours to get home. Dang. Best bet is to car share. If using a car you may want to stick around later in case those who have been nicked need picking up from various police stations etc (hopefully not needed!).

Various groups of antifascists will be gathering around the station area, down the main road to the clock tower from 11am.

There are bound to be fascists about and in the pubs as soon as they open, so keep an eye on your mates back and try to stay mobile, ideally whilst moving in groups.Obviously judge it for yourself but i reckon if you wear all black with a hood up and a face mask, you are likely to turn yourself into a target for Nazi’s and Police alike, I suggest sensible shoe’s and comfortable slacks with a waterproof pacamac type Anorak. And please do try to colour co-ordinate – this IS Brighton!! No doubt the Police will try a kettle or pushing you into a prearranged pen so look out for that, and be weary of those with megaphones telling you what to do!

If this is anyones first anti-fascist protest – Enjoy it, Brighton is an ideal starting point! Learn more about the march for england on the Brighton Antifascist Blog

last years MFE...or ENA...or EDL...they all look the same to me!
Makes you proud to be English though..... don't it??

See you on the streets!!


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