Posted by: Rich | May 5, 2012

BNP Losers in Gosport Town

It seems a bit wierd for people who don’t take part in the farce of elections to get exited about this, but we are pleased to see that the public across the UK seems to have roundly rejected the far right, hopefully for good.

Separated at birth? Sunny Martin with Griffin before she got 48 votes!

In Gosport Town ward the BNP beauty, Sunny Martin stood in the hope of becoming councilor. I was slightly worried when I saw Nick Griffin on the news selling Nazi cupcakes with BNP activists in Gosport, and also when I heard Sunnys boasts that her team of halfwits had pushed thousands of bullshit leaflets through the letter boxes of unsuspecting Gosport residents.

A couple of Portsmouth Anarchists went down to Gosport last Saturday to support the UAF who were flyering the town centre against the BNP. Anarchists were pleased to hear that people have had enough of the sham that passes for democracy as loads of people said “I’m not voting for any of them!” when offered a leaflet. ha ha!

In the end there was no need to worry, Sunny Martin managed to get a whole 48 votes!!!! Even more pathetic than any of us could have predicted.

Seems the local fascists are fading thick and fast…and thick, we can only hope.


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