Posted by: Rich | June 16, 2012

Big Fat Liars & Little Hitlers

This picture is doing the rounds on facebook – just goes to show the desperation of the far right – truth is just not something they can rely on anymore…

A picture by someone who don’t much like people living in peace!

“I did without question” – says it all really! As reported originally by the lentil eating lefty there is no proof the picture originated locally. Luckily Someone at ‘Love Albert Road’ actually did their homework and created a more accurate picture…

A more accurate picture

The fascists must be so fucking desperate to try and stir up racial tension where there isn’t any they will say anything…just one bit of advice lads – when you get caught lying, you look stupid! Do’h!!

Hitler found hiding in Chichester

Reports that Hitler has been found alive and well in Chichester are also untrue. Police did however carry out a dawn raid on an address in the city just beyond our county border.  Here’s a cut from an article on LiverAF about it:

Police arrested four people suspected of running an international far-right extremist website after early morning raids on 24 addresses in 11 of Germany’s 16 states – and one in Britain – on Thursday.

Federal police confiscated several computers and external hard-drives as well as handwritten documents from people believed to be thought to be connected to the Thaizi website – a platform used by rightwing extremists to contact each other and, most notably, share racist music.

Although the majority of the raids were conducted in Germany, one address was also raided in the UK.

Andreas Gärtner, Rostock state prosecutor told The Local, “It was an address in West Sussex in a town called Chichester. No arrests were made. We are still waiting for a report from our colleagues in the British police.”

The BKA said that 26 people between the ages of 22 and 64 are now under investigation. They are suspected of putting the lyrics of more than 2,400 songs on the website as well as 1,400 downloadable files containing songs inciting racial hatred and violence.

Holocaust denial and the promotion of a Nazi government were also common themes on the Thiazi site.

So it  looks like the nazi’s are creeping around their keyboards rather than the streets which is always good, but just for fun – here’s a picture of  what happened to mussolini last time he left the house!

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