Posted by: Rich | June 30, 2012

Mental Old Fascist In Fareham!!

So here’s a first – a repost from Portsmouth News about an insane old nazi woman living in Fareham, who’d have thought it eh?!! –  Not that I’m opposed to giving the people in power abuse, but it just comes across as fucking stupid when you aim your frustrations at the most vunerable in society. It’s also pretty cowardly/dumb to harass people by letter/phone/internet as you will usually get caught – just ask our local EDL mugs, who’ve been there & got the t-shirt!  Speaking of who’m – our man on the inside, Captain Porkchop II, reports that some of our brave local ‘patriots’ (read nationalist extremists) appear to have had their computers, phones, and pretend guns seized by the filth. Nice one lads!

Fareham Grans ‘Poisonous’ Campaign of Hate

ASBO Margaret WalkerASBO Margaret Walker

By Gareth Bethell
Published on Saturday 30 June 2012 10:00

Grandmother Margaret Walker has been given an Asbo after sending hundreds of racist leaflets to people.

The 73-year-old, who is disabled and walks with a stick, sent the vile abuse anonymously to politicians across the country.

Other targets over the past five years included social services, pubs, a retirement company and Marks & Spencer in Commercial Road.

The pensioner admitted sending the racist letters when she appeared at Fareham Magistrates’ Court.

In one of Walker’s leaflets she raged against people of Jewish and Islamic faiths and praised the ‘brave dogged work’ of the leader of the far-right British National Party, Nick Griffin and his ‘wonderful dedicated team’.

She also hit out at the Prime Minister David Cameron, the media and the police. She was given a month-long interim Asbo and is due back in court next month when magistrates will consider making a full order, which would last for at least two years.

The case was adjourned to give Walker, of Walnut Drive, Fareham, time to seek legal advice.

The leader of Fareham Borough Council Cllr Sean Woodward said: ‘I’ve been on the receiving end of this as have many councillors I know.

‘As a politician you get hardened to some of the stuff you get sent but having been a councillor for 26 years that’s the worst I have seen.

‘It’s been a very poisonous campaign that the woman has been running for quite some time.’

The BNP is backing Walker and has criticised the case as a restriction of her freedom of speech.

But Portsmouth City Council leader Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson said: ‘Freedom of speech is very important but so is giving people respect and being truthful.’

Acting Fareham and Gosport District Chief Inspector Dave Ockelford explained: ‘This is in no way an attempt to stop Mrs Walker from expressing her views; this action is being taken to ensure that communication methods used by her are lawful and appropriate.

‘Despite a number of requests from police to stop sending the anonymous letters, Mrs Walker has continued. An anti-social behaviour order was applied for to protect the public from further upset.’

The Asbo bans her from posting or delivering anything that contains words or pictures that are foul and abusive or likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

She is also banned from sending anything in the post unless her name, signature and return address are clearly marked.

BNP leader Mr Griffin said: ‘They’re bullying a disabled 73-year-old lady for writing a letter about something she feels strongly about.’

What the News failed to print is that the grifster went on to say “I’m a fat old loser with no friends, you lot are all gonna pay, as soon as i return to my home home planet I’ll make you all pay!” – Keep taking the tablets eh Nick!!


  1. Jeff Marsh says he is organising a 30 strong EDL group to turn up outside the court on July the 20th 2012 for her trial, to support her.

    Gone are the days the EDL are scared to openly support their rivals the BNP!

    • Hmmm, I did’nt know this happened, Iv’e since heard the BNP had 10 people outside the court who had traveled to Fareham from as far away as Sheffield, see Portsmouth Nazi Watch:

      I’m guessing that Marsh is trying to make out they have bigger activist numbers than they actually do (he’s from Cardiff right?), but pretending the 10 BNP guys who were there are casuals is really taking the piss!

      How the fuck do these people afford to run around the country whilst at the same time clearly not working? Maybe it’s the benifits system that they seem to hate so much that keeps them in petrol money!

      Most of us lot are either working on the 20th or not around so I don’t think there will be any organised opposition to Jeff and his friends. Not that it’l be worth bothering with anyway, all they will do is encourage a harsher sentance when the magistrates see who Nazigran hangs out with. I would advise them however not to bother travelling to Fareham to cause trouble, as Margaret Walker will still be around long after they have packed up and gone home. Not a threat – just a fact.

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