Posted by: Rich | July 18, 2012

EDL in Bristol – what was that all about then?

police tell protester to remove mask

This is a re-post from Wessex Solidarity – interesting.

“No government fights fascism to destroy it. When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands, it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges.” – Buenaventura Durruti

The people of Bristol in all their diversity are well known for standing up for themselves; it’s hard to imagine a less auspicious location for a fascist rally, except Brighton maybe, and we all know what happened there. So to show who’s boss the state decides to force a fascist march into a city that doesn’t want it by hook or by crook. To add insult to injury, Bristol citizens will have to pay half a million quid for the privilege.

According to A&S Constabulary “it is the opposition to the EDL including
left-wing extremists that is most likely to cause trouble” – in that case I can report that there are an awful lot of ‘left-wing extremists’ in Bristol.

After some token chest-bumping with the authorities, the statist left and reformist unions made a last minute deal with the police which had most of the opposition – which would have outnumbered the fash ten to one, penned into castle park. Now most of us don’t care for being kettled, but if your plan for the day is preaching to the choir or selling newspapers no one would ordinarily read, it’s a gift. So the lines are drawn for the forthcoming conflagration.

This was nothing more or less than a demonstration of state power; the 200 or so fascist buffoons were no more than props in the charade. They were bussed in, or forced through counter-demonstrators behind horse charges, then led a few hundred yards through cordoned-off streets, past closed shops and cafes, into a specially constructed steel pen where they could safely masturbate and throw faeces. Across the serried ranks of Babylon we could barely hear the monkey noises. They were then marched out again, through angry crowds and burning barricades, the stragglers being allowed to drink themselves to incontinence under the watchful eye of riot cops sworn to protect them from the locals. All this at a cost of at least 2 grand per fascist; It’s as if the government had a fleet of B52s drop tons of horseshit on the heads of Bristol’s inhabitants, an EDL demo was the next best thing.

The bourgeoisie are not remotely afraid of having these clowns running loose in the community; far more threatening are the growing number of militant anti-fascists who doggedly turn out to oppose them. Anyone who refuses to be intimidated is surely a threat to any futile attempts to resuscitate the recently deceased capitalist system. So the police are given free training in crowd control at virtually no risk to themselves while their masters wait for Britain to follow Greece and Spain into chaos.

This is a personal analysis and does not represent the position of any organisation or group.

Mal x

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