Posted by: Rich | July 21, 2012

Griffin Bottles it in Fareham

As reported further down the blog, Margaret Walker, an insane old lady from Stubbington is getting done for harassment after sending hundreds of messed up poison pen letters (and getting caught). Some of the letters targeted Marks and Spencers, as it is owned by a Jewish person!! In a pamphlet she has written about a missing school girl from Blackpool,  Walker claims the girl was kidnapped and killed by Muslims and then put on a kebab skewer and sold to revelers for their late night munchies (you really can’t make this shit up!)

Some of walkers handy work – Anyone for kebabs??

Friday saw her appear at Fareham magistrates court to answer the charges after she was given an interim asbo the other week. Unfortuanatley for Fareham the far-right have tried to capitalise on the case and rallied around the infirm old witch to try and drum up a bit of support. BNP furher Nick Griffin was tweeting about a flash demo outside the court to support Walker, and with the prospect of a load of overweight boot boys rolling into town with the big boss in tow anti fascists issued a last minuet call out to meet and greet the racist scumbags. You would have thought that even the BNP would distance themselves from this kind of insanity but instead they are pretending that they like freedom of speech and are standing up for Walkers right to harass people. Last time i thought about it harassment is not the same as free speech.

In the end Griffin failed to show. The fascists and the anti-fascists had about 20 supporters each. The fascists were surprisingly quiet as the counter demo started to mock them, one anti-fascist had their details taken by the police after attempting to stop a BNP member from filming the antifa’s but no arrests were made, a little local crackhead who was hanging around with the fascists had his bag searched and had a pair of scissors removed, no arts and crafts time for him this weekend! The police then tried to seperate the two groups to each side of the court building. The BNP supporters dutifully obeyed and slunk off to stand in the corner looking a bit crest fallen. The Anti fascists were a bit more committed to their cause and refused to move, the cops did not push the matter and went over the road to start ‘intelligence’ gathering.

The group of  BNP claimed to be from a group called ProFam – I don’t really get what it is other than a friendly face for the same old scumbags. Four of the blokes were proper old fascists with the bomber jackets, jackboots and belly’s, they had the look but lacked the bottle when confronted. Once they got back to the safety of their car, just after they had complained to the police that they had to walk past us, they drove past giving Nazi salutes – good one boys, I’m not sure even Ms Walker would agree with that!! Apart from the 3 or 4 gaunt looking local crack heads* the BNP seemed to have traveled from far and wide with the exception of a Gosport member with a game leg and a middle aged guy with a shit hair cut who drinks in the Fareham…. on his own. The counter demo was made up exclusively of local anti fascists not wanting to give the racists a free ride in their back yard.

Casuals United had also put a call out for the demo but they appeared to attracted one lone supporter, again a guy well past his prime, sporting a ridiculous jumper that said ‘peaceful hooligan’, cool!

In the end the two demo’s were fairly mild mannered. Walker had her asbo extended and the case was adjourned until September as she admitted sending the letters but denied causing harassment. She said that she was angry and on her own at the time but now she has the support of the BNP she is better and knows not to send the letters, presumably they have taught her to be a proper racist. It seems like they have put in a lot of work to win one vote, in a constituency where they do not stand.

When Walker emerged from court the Fascists gave her 3 cheers as the anti-fascists jeered. The foot soldiers then assumed the role of burly protectors and escorted her up the road followed by the police, as if anyone would have had a pop at an old lady, no matter how nuts she is.

The Local press were there to report on the trial and that can be read here: The News

profam /BNP big stupid head page: Nazi Wank

Southeast BNP: Cunts

Anti-fascist press release: Whilst most normal people would agree that what Margaret Walker has done is wrong, it is the duty of the court to sentence her accordingly. Far right groups have rallied around Walker in an attempt to gain publicity for their own extremist ideas. We do not believe that racist and fascist thugs like you have seen outside the court today should be able to spread their hate in Fareham, or anywhere else for that matter, without opposition.  They have tried to claim that Walker is having her freedom of speech curtailed. We do not think harassment is covered by freedom of speech, it’s a crime. Racist parties like the BNP often try to hide behind free speech, but we know all to well that the only free speech they want is their own, and they would be quick to silence opposition given the chance. Luckily fascist thugs will always be opposed in the UK, and Fareham is no exception. 

On the whole it was a decent turn out at a days notice, nice one to all those who turned out against the nasty nazi pricks!

*Not just stereo typing here – confirmed crack heads – but they were really young so lets hope they get a grip and sort it out, maybe then they can start pointing the finger at the real enemy of the working class, rather than the scapegoats chosen for us by the elite.


  1. Haven’t you got anything better to do! There is nothing insane about her and you have quite a lot of you facts wrong!

    • Ha ha ha, well thats me told! And really Margaret, i thought youre asbo prohibits you from posting anonymous letters etc?
      Thats the problem with these here asbo’s, old people these days see it as a badge of honour! Eeeeee I don’t know!

    • Which facts are wrong?

  2. Dick head. I take it you are in favour of child rape then.

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