Posted by: Rich | September 24, 2012

Lib-dem conference and Anarchy in Brighton.

Fucking Wessex Solidarity beat me too it again in writing a report, and for that i’m eternally gratefull! Well done to the Solent contingent for getting over there!  Here’s the Wessex report…..



The start of this year’s Libdem conference was met by a noisy march and demo called by Brighton Stop the Cuts and the local Trades Council. Speeches followed, the final one being given by a member of theSolidarity Federation who called on those present to join us in shutting down workfare in Brighton. For the rest of the afternoon, the centre of town was dominated by anarchists, their friends and comrades. Red and black flags and banners were ubiquitous the length of London road as members of SF locals Brighton, Bristol, Croydon, North London, Solent, South London and Thames Valley picketed workfare parasites and handed out thousands of leaflets to the staff and shoppers.
Two branches of Poundland were picketed along with Argos, Costa’s Coffee, Primark, and Superdrug. We were also graced with a visit fromBrighton’s lonely fascist photographer who fucked off after a group of anarchists decided to picket him.

…..Please take a look at the fascist photographer, do you recognise him? Like most fascists he looks like the kind of guy who pays for sex and he splits pretty fucking quickly when confronted.  Also if anyone knows why the far-right are in favour of the governments workfare program please get in touch to explain, are they happy to work for £1.50 an hour in poundland???

September 24, 2012

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