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If you want to ask any questions or get in contact then drop us a line here or alternatively, drop us a line at:, though chances of getting a reply from here are greater as the e-mail is rarely checked.


  1. Alright,

    I know this is for Portsmouth but I was just wondering if you knew of an local groups around the Poole/Bournemouth area as i’m finding it pretty hard to come across them!


    • I know a few people from Bournemouth so I’ll have an ask about and I’ll get back to you on that one.

    • Hi, I’ve just moved to Bournemouth from Liverpool, for personal reasons. Unfortunately, as far as I know, it’s an activist desert down here. Rye can obviously contact me, because that will make at least two of us!

      • Hey Adam,
        Good to hear there are more people about!
        send me a message on one of my emails if you wish – although i am leaving Bournemouth for the holiday period it would be nice to hear from you.

      • Its not quite a desert….. We’re here….. Somewhere…..

  2. Turns out that there’s not any as far as I’m aware. If you want to find people to meet up with or start your own group I think your best bet is to go to and ask about on there as that’s how we started out.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi,

    I’m a trainee journalist at Highbury College and I’m writing an article about how the government spending cuts will affect travel in Portsmouth. I was wondering if any one would be able to comment? My patch is mainly based in Portsea- ie, The Hard- so it would be great to have some information about how bus services/ train services and the ferry might be affected.

    Thank you

    My email is

    • Is there anything specific you want to ask us about?

  4. Hi, I’m so happy there are actually anarchists here! I’m very new and still learning my way arund politics, but I’d love to come to a meeting. Its about time I got off my ass and got invloved. Please email me details of meetings.

  5. Hi, I attended the march in London on the 26th March as a freelance photographer, can I just make it known that I will be attending the Portsmouth bash too, so please don’t cover me in paint or try to stop me taking pictures, any that are identifiable are NOT published or forwarded to the filth, all the photo’s are my own, and yours if you want?
    Thank you, bring back Guy Fawkes!

    • Don’t worry, the only paint will be on the banners,…. arf arf! As this may be the last mayday with a bank holiday following it, we are planning to have a good time, and that means no fighting and chasing!!

      Also the mayday march is organised by the lovely people of PACT and we will support them in whatever way they are comfortable with, we wouldnt want to cause them any hassle! Basically its a little workers protest, a nice picinic, and probably the pub afterwards, to celebrate the fact that without us, this world wouldnt turn! see ya there (please take some photo’s of the FIT team and send em into us!?!) πŸ™‚

      • Photo’s of the FAT team, sorry I mean FIT team will be sent no worries about that.

        Shame about the paint, I was looking forward to it, I quite enjoyed it all up in London, but should have kept up with the bloc more! Pub sounds good!

  6. Hi
    I just found your site, I have been living for 3 years in Portsmouth and did not manage to find anybody related to anarchism in the past. Either your site is new or I was not checking all the time. I would love to come to your meetings and get to know you. I was in the past and still interested in anarchism. It is more common in Greece where I come from.

  7. I’ve just been given a heads up on the Portsmouth EDL march on the 16th July. I’ve gathered up pretty much everyone I know in some counter-fascist fury and we want to be out and shouting our defiance on the day. However, checking out the UAF website and a few internet searches doesn’t seem to show any sign of an organised counter protest. Any directions you can point me in so I can sync up my local anti-racists with a wider action would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

  8. The main organising done by the UAF has been done on facebook. There is a facebook event page here:

    Exact details have yet to be confirmed but I’m sure they will be shorty.

    See you there!

  9. There will be a Welsh Antifa presence on Saturday 16th in Portsmouth, exact figures are not yet known.

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