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BNP Losers in Gosport Town

It seems a bit wierd for people who don’t take part in the farce of elections to get exited about this, but we are pleased to see that the public across the UK seems to have roundly rejected the far right, hopefully for good.

Separated at birth? Sunny Martin with Griffin before she got 48 votes!

In Gosport Town ward the BNP beauty, Sunny Martin stood in the hope of becoming councilor. I was slightly worried when I saw Nick Griffin on the news selling Nazi cupcakes with BNP activists in Gosport, and also when I heard Sunnys boasts that her team of halfwits had pushed thousands of bullshit leaflets through the letter boxes of unsuspecting Gosport residents.

A couple of Portsmouth Anarchists went down to Gosport last Saturday to support the UAF who were flyering the town centre against the BNP. Anarchists were pleased to hear that people have had enough of the sham that passes for democracy as loads of people said “I’m not voting for any of them!” when offered a leaflet. ha ha!

In the end there was no need to worry, Sunny Martin managed to get a whole 48 votes!!!! Even more pathetic than any of us could have predicted.

Seems the local fascists are fading thick and fast…and thick, we can only hope.

Posted by: Rich | April 24, 2012

A Geoff’s Eye View

“Up above the streets and houses, Geoffrey’s flying high!” – Below is another eye witness account from sunday written by one of our newer friends, Geoffrey – Portsmouth Anarchists very own Rainbow Bear!!! ha ha!

Brighton: March for England

This year’s March for England (MFE) was received by an impressive “welcoming committee” of hundreds of anti-fascists who had lined the route all the way from Brighton station to Victoria Gardens – or actually, originally from the station until the clock tower, but the march was diverted down Church Street before they had gotten very far.

Although BBC now reports that there were 140 people in the MFE, and 400 in the anti-fascist protest, the numbers I heard on the ground were 70 and 1,000 respectively. There was also a huge police presence, with some police vans marked as Kent and Hampshire police.

The weather was beautiful, even though the BBC had threatened showers all afternoon (shows how much they know, eh?), so the streets were full of shoppers and people sitting outside cafés. The march and the anti-fascist rally weren’t lost on them – would have been hard to miss given the insane number of police anyway.

Brighton being Brighton, people were very positive towards the antifas. On New Road there was a live band playing on the street while Church Street was a chaotic sea of antifascists, police and marchers for England, and I overheard a man saying to a friend “That’s Brighton for you – live music in one corner, an anti-fascist protest in another…” while a father was asking his daughter in a pram “So, this is your first protest, what do you reckon?”

Inside the protest it was a bit less jovial, although that was quite mixed as well – a young man with spikes on his jacket next to a man with a little girl sitting on his shoulders; a little old lady carrying a sign that said “Nazis are nasty” along side a young man in a Guy Fawkes mask.

The antifas were shouting “Whose streets? Our streets!”; at one point someone yelled “Get that animal off that horse!” (btw. I felt really sorry for the horses and the police dogs, with all those people pushing and yelling all around them – why is it necessary to subject animals to all that?), people shamed the police for protecting the fascists, and the MFE were generally being told exactly howunwelcome they were in Brighton.
Once past the Pavilion, the MFE were led to Victoria Gardens where an area had been fenced off for them. Then boredom ensued. Nothing was happening inside the fence, as far as I could tell. The antifas outside the fence were playing music and dancing around, all under the watchful cameras of the police. From time to time, someone would shout at the MFE “It’s nicer on this side of the fence!” or “What are you waiting for, master race? The end of times?”, but that was basically it until it was time for them to be escorted away. It was a massive kettle, and most people contented themselves with seeing the MFE off to shouts of “Don’t come back!”.

Various people on the far-right have said that they regard Brighton as a site of “anti-English activity” which is why they target it, and the MFE has been returning there every year since 2008. They keep saying that they’re neither racist nor EDL, but things slip though the cracks that suggest otherwise. It’s unclear whether the little crowd that marched on Sunday are really hardcore, righteous nationalists or just confident in the protection of the police.

I’ve seen criticism online directed at the antifas for “trying to shut people up for having opposing views”, which is missing the point entirely. We’re not seeking to drown them out for having a different opinion, but for having a racist one. A couple of years ago, anti-racists actually joined the MFE, but were heavily abused by the rest of the march for handing out a leaflet with the title “England For All”. The EDL keep letting it slip that the MFE is their event. It’s not just a happy family day out in celebration of St. George’s Day, but a hijacking of the English flag by a nationalistic and super-conformist organisation. That’s who we aim to drown out. History is too full of horrific examples of what happens if fascism goes unchecked for us not to.

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Our Report From Brighton Anti-Fascist Demo 22/04/12

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For a decent write up see Schnews, or for a local write up (and still decent) see pompey uaf. EDL News good as ever,  Also worth looking at this

ha, haha, ha.

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Brighton 22/04/12

Looks like it’s going to be a good ol’ hootenanny hoedown in the B’town tomorrow, after self appointed EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon mentioned on air to BBC Radio Sussex that the EDL will be attending. Surley this is going to have upset the MFE organisers (apparently from Portsmouth themselves) who continue to push the lie that this is nothing more that family based St Georges Day parade. It’s also going to upset the people who had been fooled into thinking it was all just a bit of patriotic fun, think the cats out of the bag now eh boys?

Here’s some handy hints for tomorrow;

For those traveling up from Portsmouth area, It’s worth noting that the trains are fucked up this weekend and you may find yourself on a bus replacement that takes 3 hours to get you into Brighton, and another that will take you 3 hours to get home. Dang. Best bet is to car share. If using a car you may want to stick around later in case those who have been nicked need picking up from various police stations etc (hopefully not needed!).

Various groups of antifascists will be gathering around the station area, down the main road to the clock tower from 11am.

There are bound to be fascists about and in the pubs as soon as they open, so keep an eye on your mates back and try to stay mobile, ideally whilst moving in groups.Obviously judge it for yourself but i reckon if you wear all black with a hood up and a face mask, you are likely to turn yourself into a target for Nazi’s and Police alike, I suggest sensible shoe’s and comfortable slacks with a waterproof pacamac type Anorak. And please do try to colour co-ordinate – this IS Brighton!! No doubt the Police will try a kettle or pushing you into a prearranged pen so look out for that, and be weary of those with megaphones telling you what to do!

If this is anyones first anti-fascist protest – Enjoy it, Brighton is an ideal starting point! Learn more about the march for england on the Brighton Antifascist Blog

last years MFE...or ENA...or EDL...they all look the same to me!
Makes you proud to be English though..... don't it??

See you on the streets!!

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Kicking Out The Middle Man

Here is an article I just copied from a group called Grass Roots Left after seeing it on Wessex Solidarity’s blog, makes for interesting reading:

Grass Roots Left Motion of Support & congratulaions to the Construction Rank and File

Grass Roots Left Motion of Support to Construction Rank and File

[Passed unanimously at GRL NC 31st March 2012]

This National Committee meeting of the Grass Roots Left [GRL] sends its warmest congratulations to the Construction ‘Rank and File’ who won the BESNA battle.

We are delighted that this grass roots mobilisation has defeated this first phase of the employers attack and are pleased to note that the electricians are preparing for the second stage of the battle.

In particular we note the very powerful sentiments expressed against the agency employers and that:

“A priority must be given to rooting them [agencies] out of our industry.” 

“Agencies are the scourge of the industry, exploiting workers.”

“These agencies pay under the rate, no holiday pay, no sick pay and they fire us at will.” 

“Let’s send the message out loud and clear ‘No agencies wanted’ ‘Direct employment only!’”

In that way the struggles of the London cleaners is an allied struggle and an inspiration to the building workers, as they operate in a trade that is also notoriously difficult to organise and requires the most militant of tactics and the sharpest of struggles against the TU bureaucracies, ever anxious to cut a deal with employers which gives them members subs but sells out the rights and conditions of the workers.

These sentiments, of course, apply not only to the sparks and allied trades but also to all trades and to the building labourers in the building sites.

This gives the Sparks, on the back an all too rare industrial victory, a unique opportunity to take up the fight begun by Des Warren and the building worker strikers in 1972.

In that regard the struggle against the Blacklist and the struggle for Justice for the Shrewsbury pickets is inseparable from the struggle to organise the sites today.

It has to involve the sharpest struggle against the trade union bureaucracy in Unite, UCATT, the GMB and others whose practice of imposing convenors in collaboration with the construction companies, as in the Olympics sites, has led to such terrible results.

For this reason we give out full support to Mick Dooley in his struggle against the UCATT bureaucracy and the disgraceful action in expelling his from the union to prevent him winning the General Secretary’s election.

The failure to organise the Olympics sites properly is the sharpest of warnings to us all that the time for a proper rank and file movement covering all the sites trades and labourers is long overdue. Direct employment must be at the heart of that struggle, as it was in 1972.

Grass Roots Left is proud that it and its Chair, Jerry Hicks, was able to assist in building this movement to this point and we look forward to yet closer collaboration between our two rank and file movements in the future.

Passed unanimously at GRL NC 31st March 2012

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March For Everyone!

Our good friends at Brighton Anti-Fascists (The best looking Anti-Fascist group around), have called for some support when the racist lard lads of ‘March For England’ (Fluffy EDL) roll into town on the 22nd April for thier annual ‘I’m so desperate for attention I’ll walk down the road trying to upset as many people as possible’ march. No doubt our local numbskulls will be going over for it  so do your bit for Portsmouth and drown out the pricks who give us a’ll bad name! Here’s the Info straight outta Brighton:

Oppose the March for England

Brighton 12 noon Sunday 22 April 2012
March for what?
March for England is not an innocent celebration of traditional culture. It is a right wing racist group that helped found the English Defence League (EDL). The March for England has come to Brighton on at least three successive occasions. Their racist and fascist politics have become clearer with every visit. EDL flags have been unfurled. EDL slogans shouted out.  Marchers abuse people who do not look English and attack those that oppose their intolerance and aggression.
Why do they come here?
March for England organisers regard Brighton as a site of ‘anti-English activities’. The alternative and inclusive culture of Brighton and Hove, of which many of us feel justly proud, is vilified in their publicity and as they strut through our streets.
A new fascism
March for England is example of the spread of a new fascism that is virulently Islamophobic and has demonstrated a hatred for immigrant communities as well as collective organisations, such as trade unions and the Occupy movement, which represent the rights of workers or marginalised people.
Oppose the March for England
We are calling on people to line the route of March for England and drown out their message of hate: shout, whistle, harangue, mock, disrupt…
lets have a lovely day out opposing the nonsense!
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Holland and Barrett – not so ethical

Well it seems like a day of action against workfare is happening in the UK today to support the International Workers Association worldwide call out! Good shit!

The target for today is looking likley to be Holland and Barrett. They pride themselves on their ethics, whilst selling herbal remedies to vunerable old people in the hope it may prelong their life – and ‘body building’ supplements for muscle marys who dont want to put the time in down the gym!

H&B have really taken to the governments slave labour workfare scheme, with now approximately 25% of staff only being paid thier benifits. So just to re-cap, the tax payers pay the ‘wages’, the company pays nothing, the worker is exploited, and conditions for all employees are pushed down, why pay someone when you can get it for free right?

Here is a leaflet some of us will be using today:


As it is not the workers in these shops we are targeting, it’s a good idea to go in first and explain to them that you are not picketing them, you are supporting them, and reassure them there is no need to feel intimidated, maybe even give them some literature, their day will probably be easier if you manage to stop people shopping there! Todays actions will be followed by a communication blockade, so write & call H&B head office to tell em what you think!

As far as i’m aware Portsmouth H&B branch will be getting away with it today, as we are off elsewhere. Never say never though!

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Solent SOLFED in formation!

For those of you who don’t know, there is now a Solent Solidarity Federation, with members from Bournemouth to Bognor, covering all stations between those towns!



The latest copy of the quarterly free paper is kicking about at the moment so get in touch if you want a copy or to find out more!

A couple of Solent Solfed events are in the pipeline, the first is the London Picket of the CWU offices in London, mentioned on the above page. The second is a workfare picket to tie in with the International Workers Association days of action against capitalism at the end of the month, although it probably won’t be in Portsmouth as we need to give other towns a chance to agitate!

Also, for a local(ish) based blog that gets updated a fuckload more than this check out our pals at Wessex Solidarity:

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Putting the Willets up Workfare

I will update the blog, I will update the blog, I will update the blog….

So yea, it’s been a long time since this has been updated, but fear not, we are still active and have met some really decent people in the last few months who we look forward to working with in the future! Thanks for bearing with us as we try to re-jig things a bit around here, we will endevour to reply to e-mails and comments that have not been answered for a while.

So shit loads of stuff has happened since the last post way back in November, I’m not going to bother recalling it, here’s what went down last week!…

David ‘I hate women and all you fucking poor people’ Willets the Havant MP, and millionaire toff prick responsibe for £9000 a year student fees, was speaking at the Pyramids centre last Friday evening. I think this was an event organised by conservative students at Portsmouth University, who obviously all want to be like Dave ‘fighting the class war from above’ Willets when they grow up. Unluckily for the little lord Fauntleroy’s  the lefty students organised a welcoming committe for Mr Willetts, who apparently wore a beret and an overcoat in an attempt to blend in with the Proles. He did manage to get in and speak but only after he ran a gauntlet of heckles as he tried to sneak in through the back door….fucking rock stars eh? Reports that he retired to a pony riding society co-ed gang bang are unsubstantiated.

A Conservative Student, yesterday.

Saturday saw the local leftside hit the streets of Pompey to protest and leaflet against the governments slave labour Workfare program (as part of a national day of action). We are pleased to report that anarchists were in attendance (the first time in years that anarchists have leafleted on the streets of Portsmouth) and it seemed to go down really well. Not suprisingly the workfare program is unpopular amongst pretty much everyone. How is supplying big business with free labour at the tax payers expense, whilst taking a real job off the market supposed to help anyone apart from big business??

The only downside from the morning is that we ran out of Anarchist leaflets really quickly, so we left the swappies to it and went for a few pints. Another positive is that we were joined by a member from Surrey and Hants Afed, so another opportunity for some good old fashioned mutual aid presents itself!

For more info on workfare see:

For even more info on workfare actions in Portsmouth and further afield, from an anarcho-syndicalist perspective see our chums at SOLFED by clicking the logo below: 

Stay cheesy Portsmouth!

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Recent Stuff

Due to being fucking bizzzzay of late there aint been much going on here, but anyway here’s a brief round up of whats gone on and what’s coming up!

Localise the strike!

Local groups are continuing to organise against the governments austerity plans. The other week there was an open meeting at the central library in Guildhall Square, the highlight of which was a Greek lady who told everyone there about the recent history of her country, how it got so fucked up,  and what the people are doing to fight back. Interestingly (and I’m not sure that everyone there took the point to heart) she blamed the current conservative government but ALSO the previous socialist government. Putting the blame at the door of leaders from both sides of the political divide. I took that as a condemnation of all political types, but hey, I’m just an anarchist! At the meeting there was also talk of gearing up for the Strike of November 30th (N30). This is looking like a biggy and needs some decent local agitation, hopfully Solfed will be setting an example of  anarcho-syndicalist organisation,  but we’ll save that for closer to the day when we know what the shit is happening.

Activism 101

Students in Portsmouth have been staying active as always – there is a protest coming up in their campaign to save the Arts/Media/Design departments from cuts. I don’t know enough about it to comment so if anyone wants to post the details as to what is happening with these cuts please feel free. It sounds to me as if the University is cutting it’s creative programs in a bid to appear more stale.  Also they have just held a screening of Just Do it ( Donations at the door were used to pay for the screening. Fucking gutted I couldnt make it, it’s social events like this we don’t see enough of, but well done to those who put it on, more of the same please!!

Arise Sir Antifascist of Networking..

A couple of weeks back a small delegation from Portsmouth went to a top secret meeting of antifascists from all over the south of England and Wales….and so the sacred order of  The Antifascist Network was born! Obviously I won’t say too much about it on here at this stage but I’ll be in touch with local activists soon with details of how to subscribe to the e-mail list to get your networking ON! Rad! A few of us from the network went up to London the other week for the EDL ‘Angels’ protest thing but it was such a joke it’s really not worth mentioning. There’s a write up of it on Malatesta’s antifascist blog if your interested (see the blog roll at the side).

Bookworms Unite!

Also this Saturday is the London Anarchist bookfair, THE event of the year! Last year was awesome, if you’ve never been it’s not about looking at books, there is loads going on & anyone with the slightest interest in anarchism should go down and see whats up! Hopefully see ya there!

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